Dark Heresy, Session 2: Tattered Fates

This place smells, in equal parts sanitizers, offal, and raw meat. To gaze upon a sky would be a welcome change, but I wonder, with some of the injuries our band have taken so far, if we will survive many more engagements. There are things here much more worrying than the heretical brutes running this charnel house. Whatever was sensed in the shifting room is enough proof of that.

We felled a great predatory grox-like beast and a few more of the handlers/manufactorum workers before moving through into a chamber in which there appeared to be a blasphemous altar with a sacrifice nearby! The man's throat had been cut and he seemed to be the one to have done the deed, if the knife clutched in his hand was any indication. I spat upon the altar, but Nicodemus was keen to understand why the altar was there and to read a dataslate nearby. I warned him that I found him to be walking dangerously close to blasphemous acts by inspecting the thing further, he retorted that we could better combat the heresy by understanding it.

Well, when I blew that invisible thing by the altar away, I didn't know it from Russ. The Emperor blessed me with an understanding of how to pull a trigger. Nobody needs reading to learn how to deal with the enemies of Man. I do realize I have ran away from the subject at hand, but it vexes me to think that the old man forgets the danger inherent in our duties as servants of the Ordos and Him On Terra.

Anyway, the altar was destroyed, and the thing guarding it and we move on, with me giving it another dose of my spittle, were that it only caustic and could melt the damnable thing! After this, we moved into a large area, possibly a dockway or storage facility, but it was quite dark, save for one illuminated area that had a little bit of activity in the form of armed men much like the ones we had encountered all throughout the place. The plan seemed solid, but the poor lighting as well as the effects of the drugs we had been subjected to, meant that our aims were off and we had men down quick, but no casualties, as when I came to, I noticed that all were accounted for, and that someone - Nicodemus, I presume, but I'm unsure - was able to spirit us to safety, hidden in the bowels of this damned factory.

Our injuries are even more worrisome than before, as one psyker, as mentioned, has lost an eye, and the other has lost their right thumb. Hopefully we can pull through. May the Emperor protect.

Cast of Characters
??, Hive Worlder Regulator (Arbiter 3) - Angela
??, Void Born Aspirant (Imperial Psyker 3) -  Paul
??, Void Born Aspirant (Imperial Psyker 3) -Tami
Nicodemus, Imperial Worlder Scribe (Adept 3) -Taylor
Mohrdecai, Cadian (Fortress World) Armsman (Guardsman 3) - Me


Digital Orc said...

I'm the guardsman of our group too! Wow, TWO Psykers? Pretty heavy duty firepower!

Buddy Richards said...

Yeah, randomly rolled, as I mentioned in one of my posts, and played by husband and wife as siblings, to boot.

So far, Paul's character has invoked the warp I'd say about 75% of the time he manifests a power, and Tami hasn't done it a single time. Makes for quite a bit of comedy at the table, as well as a fair number of threats.

I've begun reading your blog. Good stuff. I noticed that you posted a picture of your character sheet on one post, and that you're a melee guardsman. How's that treated you? My character is rather shooty, with abysmal WS.

Also, I dig your take on vampires for your New Amur setting. Good stuff.