From One Desert to Another...

So, a couple of months ago, I spoke of how I was unsure of what was happening in my Dark Sun game. As a group, we discussed it, and ultimately that game was put on the backburner, since it didn't appeal to what the majority wanted in a game. I felt that if I continued the game in a way that I didn't really want to run it, that it would be sub-par, so we decided to go with the game that got the 2nd most number of votes when deciding what we could play: Scion.

At the outset, I gave the option of playing a Scion, an Aberrant, or a Scion who was also an Aberrant, using a character creation system that I mocked up. Everyone chose to play Scions, so I let the Aberrant thing slide (at least for now.)

I decided to set the game in Egypt a little before the second World War, in 1935. This for a couple of reasons: One, I had a motley group of (mostly) British civilans, a British/Egyptian, and 2 archaeologists. It just made sense. Secondly, I had some Pulp Egypt products by Griffon Publishing lying around, and I thought what I got from those products would really help get the group into the feel that I was trying to accomplish with the game. Third, I wanted to appeal to Angela. She was the most outspoken against learning a new system, and I wanted to give her character a solid hook to ease her character into the game. (Shameless? Perhaps, but I like giving my players what they want), and finally...I wanted to present a somewhat stable political and socio-economic climate to start the game before the serious stuff (like, oh...the war?) really heats up.

At this point in Egypt's history, Britain has declared them independant, but still were part of the Empire by being a protectorate. The rebellions have quelled for the most part, but the Egyptians haven't gotten rid of the British military presence (and to some extent) rule. There's tension (between the British and natives), there's treasure (via archaeology - Carter had really created a boom 13 years earlier), there's money to be had (selling artifacts, cotton industry, etc.), and there's adventure (Cairo is like a real-life Mos Eisley, the Nazi propaganda machines were reaching Africa).

I started the group off as being involved with an Oxford archaeological expedition under one Prof. Percy Mallory, who had uncovered the tomb of Henu-Akhet, a hero of the time of Ramses II. After Mallory is killed at the unsealing of the tomb, the PCs volunteer to go down and investigate, and there run into animated statues, guardians of the tomb (that combat took forever, but it was a good learning experience for us all.) After defeating the statues, and overcoming a few more obstacles, the group uncovered the burial chamber, and began prep to remove the artifacts.

During this time, there was some developing unrest among the fellahin workers present, who had originally been diplomatically addressed, but become more worried when artifacts were being brought up, saying that there would be curses and otherwise blaming the British for desecrating their ancestors' tombs. After the crowd of natives got more rowdy and there were rocks thrown, etc., Taylor's character gave the order to fire on the mob, bringing down close to a dozen of the workers.

When we left off last session, the outrage at the massacre both within the British in the camp and the natives was unresolved, and much tension was still in the air, and maybe growing. Steve's character had stolen some artifacts when not being observed, and the PCs had just sent off the sarcophagus of the hero in a lorry that had just arrived under orders from the quartermaster of Taylor's regiment. What happens next is anyone's guess, but things are going well.

The only thing I don't like about the game is that Andrew and Paul decided to not play. I like playing alongside both of them.

Cast of Characters
Jack Monici (Hero Scion of D'Artagnan) Eccentric French-American philantropist, invited by the expedition as a V.I.P. when he decided to contribute funds to the effort. Played by Epic.
Carter Sykes (Hero Scion of Kali) English-Indian White-Collar Criminal. Was able to buy his way onto the expedition through various contacts. Hoping to make it rich off the burgeoning Black Market artifact trade. Played by Steve.
Sharifa Petrie (Hero Scion of Bastet) British-Egyptian grand-daughter of Flinders Petrie (father of modern archaeological practices). Working as an understudy under her father at the excavation. Played by Angela.
Saul Archer (Hero Scion of Robin Hood) British Army Captain relegated to security duty for the Oxford expedition. Somewhat resentful of the post. Having to make some tough calls. Played by Taylor.
Samuel Grey (Hero Scion of Badarus) Adopted child of an American archaeologist who is working as an understudy in the expedition. Plucky kid, driven by discovery of all types. Played by Chris S.
Ben Hogan (Hero Scion of the Dagda) Scottish pro-golfer doing the rounds, invited as a V.I.P. to the expedition. Smooth talker, debonair attitude. Staunch critic of the "Empire." Played by John C.
Jeremy Jarvis (Hero Scion of Br'er Rabbit) African-American "demolitions expert" (terrorist) who ducked into Egypt after a job to do a little up-and-up. Working as a "structural analyst" of sorts, for the expedition. Played by David B.

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