Scion: Titanic Ultimatum, Part 3

So, Tuesday I ran Scion, and though not much happened, action-wise, the roleplay was pretty top notch, and the characters and character interaction is fleshed out more.

After Henu-Akhet's casket was sent off with Lt. Connolly and his men on their lorry to the expedition warehouse in Cairo to prevent theft, the team kept on about their duties at the dig.

Jack and Ben were doing nothing, Samuel was aiding in removing smaller artifacts from the treasure chamber of the tomb, Sharifa and Saul were resting up from injuries sustained fighting the stone guardians of the tomb while still doing minor tasks. Carter and Jeremy, however, were trying to figure out an item Carter had stolen that he suspected was a relic - an eagle ushabti (mummified eagle) that telepathically screeched when first picked up. At seeing this, Jeremy began to think that the reason the band was at the site in the first place was probably the retrieval of a relic or something like it, and reckoned the real prize was in the casket that they had already sent off.

Discussing this with the others didn't get them far, however, as Saul's Duty virtue held him fast to his orders to stay sentinel at the site, and Sharifa was appalled at the thought of stealing an artifact, no matter if it was key to their being there/coming together. Those things belong in a museum, you know!

When Jeremy couldn't get any further aid, he and Carter headed out at dawn toward Cairo on horses that they had bought (and not cheaply) from some of the fellahin workers still at camp. This proved to not be the best idea, as the two riders were beset by bedouin brigands! Jeremy had been thrown from his steed and was brandishing a stick of dynamite as the raiders began to surround him, and Carter was still on his now-bolting horse when we left off.

Though I wished that there had been a little more initiative taken in the pacing of the game, I feel it was a solid session, with good roleplay throughout. Chris and Jeremy seemed to not do much during the session, but that's just how their characters involved themselves. I like that their are strong personalities cropping up amongst the characters. That does nothing but help the game out. I do wish John had been able to show up. I would have been interested in seeing what his character would have wanted to do.

In case anyone is wondering, I've handed out 11 xp so far.

Cast of Characters
Jack Monici (Hero Scion of D'Artagnan) Eccentric French-American philantropist, invited by the expedition as a V.I.P. when he decided to contribute funds to the effort. Played by Epic.
Carter Sykes (Hero Scion of Kali) English-Indian White-Collar Criminal. Was able to buy his way onto the expedition through various contacts. Hoping to make it rich off the burgeoning Black Market artifact trade. Played by Steve.
Sharifa Petrie (Hero Scion of Bastet) British-Egyptian grand-daughter of Flinders Petrie (father of modern archaeological practices). Working as an understudy under her father at the excavation. Played by Angela.
Saul Archer (Hero Scion of Robin Hood) British Army Captain relegated to security duty for the Oxford expedition. Somewhat resentful of the post. Having to make some tough calls. Played by Taylor.
Samuel Grey (Hero Scion of Badarus) Adopted child of an American archaeologist who is working as an understudy in the expedition. Plucky kid, driven by discovery of all types. Played by Chris S.
Ben Hogan (Hero Scion of the Dagda) Scottish pro-golfer doing the rounds, invited as a V.I.P. to the expedition. Smooth talker, debonair attitude. Staunch critic of the "Empire." Played by John C.
Jeremy Jarvis (Hero Scion of Br'er Rabbit) African-American "demolitions expert" (terrorist) who ducked into Egypt after a job to do a little up-and-up. Working as a "structural analyst" of sorts, for the expedition. Played by David B.

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