Baby Steps, Bob, Baby Steps

Earlier, I posted about ways in which I could help the blog along, and I hit on one almost immediately...a name change!

Of course, the domain will remain the same, but from now on this blog will be known as Greathammer Gaming, in homage to the moniker I chose for the shop when I took it over from Tony until I closed it.

The reason for this was simply because too many other blogs shared the name, and I wanted something that was a bit more unique.

So, here we are, and I want to promise that I will continue to bring you the same kinds of material I have presented in the past, as well as new fuel for your gaming brains.

If any of you are returning visitors, please continue to do so. There's a lot more to come!

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BurnWaterFire said...

I think a name change is just what your blog needed. It would be really cool if you could get Bill Murray to post a few blogs about stuff. Oh you can't? Well that's fine too, I dig your posts as well.