An End To A Menace And A Campaign And What's Next

And so, tonight, after long sessions slogging through the depths of the secure sanctums the kobold tribe held for their "lord," we finally met the beast, and were surprised not that it was a dragon, but that it was a green dragon!

Though Chymond originally made offerings of negotiation to the as-yet-unseen "lord," the creature was apparently paranoid, and voraciousness in its appetite led it to disregard any diplomacy and immediately attack, utilizing its breath to good effect against our grouped-up party.

Chymond had cast Shield Other on his companions, and Oth had followed up with Mass Fire Shield, setting the party up for an extended engagement in which the dragon would take damage if it attacked, and less damage would be put into those attacked, save for Chymond, whose role in the fight was basically to stand back and heal himself to keep up with the damage output.

Within just a few rounds, and after tons of devastating attacks, our side just narrowly won out, the dragon's body sinking into his extra-dimensional mire, likely to haunt us again....

...but not in the near future.

Taylor ended his campaign on that note, telling us that it's possible we might revisit it, if we ever cared to, but that, for the most part, he had said all he wanted to with the campaign, and that anything he did after would just feel forced, and more of the same.

Though there is always a small sense of sadness along with the end of a game/retirement of the characters within, our group is not giving up Friday gaming, and we have excitement building for a Dark Heresy game that David is planning to run. Character creation is next week, when we assemble our rag-tag band of Acolytes to tackle the 2nd book of the Haarlock Legacy!

For those wondering why we're playing the 2nd book, back in 2009, David ran a rather large group of us through the first book, which ended in a few characters (mine included) revealing that they all had a different idea of what we felt the Emperor wanted, and so it ended up that we didn't save the day, and Taylor's Cleric and my Psyker were the last ones standing, with a "the Empire will never know..." ending.
I had thought I had blogged about the campaign, but I'm not finding it. Sad, since it was certainly memorable!

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