Love is in the Air...Springtime, Wilderlands Style!

And so tonight was another foray for our recently expanded group into the Wilderlands!

The party has recently returned from an excursion west, past the Adder Copse as far as the village of Trenth, where they declined to intervene with a political dispute between two local powers, that could possibly involve a third.

Upon returning to Bugbear Falls, however, it quickly became apparent that things were rapidly changing in the political scene of the keep, and that there were too many things happening for it to all just be coincidence and normal restructuring.

First, it was found that Rayyid the merchant's nephew, Sayib, was hung from spikes affixed to the inner bailey walls after being killed for a failed assassination attempt on Dal Lago, and that Rayyid has since been M.I.A..

Then, after Chas had a less than friendly meeting with Vic Tappas, the Bailiff of the keep, and Praetor Donnlo, the former Corporal of the Watch, it is discovered that River Wilds, the Captain of the Watch, was "promoted" to Watch Errant Captain...a duty that removes him from the city on an almost constant basis, and that Corporal Donnlo has become Captain of the Watch.

And if that wasn't enough, Honorable Justice Sollas excommunicated Gabrielle, though his magic didn't strip her Paladin abilities, giving creedence to the fact that something has gone terribly wrong, and he is not acting in the graces of Iomedae any longer.

All of this culminated in tempers flaring and inquisitive minds, leading the group to follow Lucius' lead....to the Fey Gate?

And so our intrepid adventurers set out into the wilds to find the Gate, much to a nervous Chas' chagrin, since he and Jadazh had been warned to not trespass into the affairs of the Fey.

Once there, the party encountered a Basilisk that had taken the shallow cave that the Gate was in as its home, but quick work was made of the beast as Lucius moved forward and, getting the jump on it, killed it swiftly with a well placed hand-crossbow bolt. (This after peppering it with a round from his double crossbow and then winning initiative only to crit, with a kill on the charts!)

And there we left off, with our heroes just outside the cave, save Jadazh, who is still back in Bugbear Falls with the party's NPCs.

Steve couldn't make it for the 2nd week in a row due to being in Michigan, but we have two new players in Dave P. and Travis, and both are a welcome addition to the group.

Current Cast of Characters
Chas DeLong, Male Human Fighter 6 - David B.
Lucius Ember, Male Dhampir Inquisitor 3 - Taylor
Gabrielle Dianthe, Female Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae 4 - Angela
Morg, Male Half-Orc Barbarian 2 - Dave P.
Amberlin, Half-Elf Monk 2 - Travis
Sa'eh, Oracle 3 - David B. controlled NPC

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