The Secret To A Successful Blog, or Things I Don't Know

Today, as I was driving to work, I was thinking about the things that make a gaming blog work, and what I could do to increase readership, etc.

I don't claim to be the most prolific updater, but neither are some of the guys whose blogs I read.
I don't claim to have the coolest content, but I don't feel I'm the worst out there, by far.
I don't even claim to fully understand my readership, but I do love gaming and sharing my experiences and ideas, and I think those are the most important requirements for what I do with this thing.

So, where do I go wrong?
Posting schedule is obvious. It's easier for someone to follow what you have to say if you say it more often. To that end, starting this past Saturday, I made a decision to post daily when at all possible.
"Advertising" by putting my blog in my forums signatures, on my Facebook (maybe) and anywhere I can get it might help, but is that really a viable way to get readers? Also, it seems a little shameless.
I don't think I need to change the content. I'm happy with my subject matter and I don't feel like I do things too much differently than some of the best out there do, and besides...without my own content, people would lose interest quickly.

Basically, I'm just typing out loud here. During my heaviest traffic times, I have only boasted 9 regular readers, and while that's awesome, I would certainly like to have a little more regular traffic.
I've wondered at times what it is that I do wrong, so if anyone out there happens to read this and has suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear how to improve this blog.

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