Curse of the Crimson Throne, Sessions 8-9

When we left off, we were about to venture up the stairs of the mansion we were to clear out, which we did, and the extermination of the vile demons was quick work for our party. However, when in combat with a stronger being that had breached a fissure in reality, we lost our orc companion to its vile blade, but the thing was dispatched before it could cause too much more damage to human life, or our fair Korvosa!

Though tragic, our friends at the church of Shelyn, through our companion, Horiz, performed rights for our comrade, and we were paid handsomely for the job we had completed. Not stopping there in our quest to find Korvosa a peaceful city once more, we made haste once summoned to Citadel Volshyanek, where we met with Kressida Kroft and a Shoanti barbarian by the name of Thousand Bones. He being a shaman of the Skull Clan who spoke to us of the enmity between our fair city and his peoples, and how though he feels his grandson was murdered, he would rather just retrieve the body and take it home than further disable the tenuous peace held by the tribes and Korvosa.

This proved to be impossible for the man alone to perform, as he found that his grandson's body had been taken by a corpse peddler and sold to a necromancer named Rolth to the Dead Warrens, below the Grey. This sickened even us, and we vowed to help the man find closure in the death of his grandson, and to help further peaceful acts between his peoples and ours, and thus we set off for the Grey, and the Dead Warrens.

To aid in such a dangerous quest as chasing down a necromancer, and to reduce the crowding in the stockades, Kressida released into our custody two prisoners of Volshyanek, one an orc from the northern tribes that reminded me of Shao, whom we were told killed a person (though if murder or with extenuating circumstances, I am unsure) and a ratfolk who was arrested under suspicion of conspiracy to poison the water supply, though he was captured in the sewers (water which we certainly do not drink.) The orc is mostly quiet and seems adept enough with his weapon arm, the rat, however, smells of excrement even now and has the unnerving habit of using a magical hat he owns to appear as a child. This sight makes me hesitant to send him into harm's way, and I feel that perhaps, he clings to that assurety.

At any rate, we ventured into crypts under the boneyard, Gildor bravely taking charge, despite his young age. We encountered various animate skeletons and corpses, and though they seemed to have a magical resilience, we overcame group after group, venturing further and further, encountering what seemed to be their insane masters, wild-eyed emaciated dwarf-like creatures that seemed to take glee in harm of any sort, either to themselves or others, and responded to our parley or threats with only maniacal laughter.

The further we ventured, the more vile and dangerous things got. We encountered a laboratory area where some of the dwarf-like madmen were draining a corpse of its humours with stirges, another chamber where a wicked sewer monster lurked, and even a chamber with magical skulls and snake-like skeletal beasts intent on bringing our lives to an end! After disrupting apparent attempts to animate further dead monstrosities and the destruction of a stiched abomination, we encountered another of the mad murder-glees that seem to be in charge of this place, this one a powerful mage with the ability to conjure dead from thin air and bring to bear powerful life-draining magics, no doubt a lieutenant of the necromancer Rolth! We dispatched this one just barely, but made it out alive.

Along the way, we lost Fanta, in horrible battle versus the sewer beast, but did run into an apparent ally, a goblin intent on the deaths of the dwarf-creatures, who ensures us there are many a passage to go before we can be sure that no threat to Korvosa still lives in these chambers!

Cast of Characters
Shao Goth, Orc Barbarian 4 (deceased) - David
Skeeven, Ratfolk Alchemist 3 - David
Simas VanCaskerkin, Human Cavalier (Honor Guard) 3 - Me
Selene Adivina, Elf Witch 3 - Angela
Fanta, Half-Orc Druid (Urban Druid) 3 (deceased) - Richard
, Goblin Ninja 3 - Richard

Gildor, Human Fighter 3 - John
Rox, Half-Orc Barbarian 3 - Isaiah

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