Musical Inspiration, vol. 8 - Necrophagist

It's certainly been a while since an auditory attack on this here blog, but when thinking of a few more posts, I was also looking for some new music, and remembered this sporadic Saturday treat.

This go around, I decided to toss in some melt-your-face metal, brought to you by the German technical/death outfit known as Necrophagist. (A necrophagist is a person that eats corpses, for those curious.)

Though not lyrically heavy, it could represent a character that's overcome adversity to become a force of overwhelming good, having found the seven (holy virtues), or perhaps has risen to lord over those after being granted power in some way by the seven deadly sins.

On the latter note, "An Antipaladin in Heaven" would be an interesting twist on a classic, I think.

Distracting from your deficiencies
while you point at others.
(Once) enlightened you judge and execute.

To be the only one
to discover the seven,
(To) toss open and pass the gates to heaven.

*As always, I don't own this, blah blah blah.

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