Wilderlands: In the Shadows of Heroes, Session 5

After the goblin ambush, Titanus left the party, seemingly compelled to venture out, perhaps due to the strange man's boredom, perhaps driven by the engimatic "Storm," to herald its coming further.

Ashir, Sheva, and Mark, determined to complete the task they had accepted from the kobold chief, ventured further, eventually coming to the chamber claimed by the goblin chieftain, who apparently fancied himself a king, if the cog bent into the shape of a crown on his brow was any indication. The battle was fierce, the immense king wading into melee as his guard rained arrows down upon the group.

Mark and Ashir both fell after two of the females in the king's harem also came to their master's aid with blades, though their wounds did not prove fatal, and Sheva was able to bring them back to health after finishing the goblins off. Battered and weak, the trio decided to hole up in the king's chamber, barricading the door with goblin corpses for a day and a half while they regained strength.

Shortly after exiting, and not hearing voices from an earlier scouting, they tried to make their way out of the cave complex, hitting a speedbump when a giant mantis that had wandered into the caves attacked them. The group retreated back and waited out the thing's visit, making an escape once they thought the coast was clear.

Upon the road, however, Mark was lost when he mistook the shaking of an enormous predatory plant with what he thought was someone rustling branches while waiting to ambush the party. Sheva and Ashir fought a long-range moving battle against the thing, eventually bringing it low, but losing Mark's body under the plant's enormous mass.

Cast of Characters
Ashir the Silvered, Ifrit Sorceror (Word Caster) 2 - David
Sheva Suresh, Avalonian Human Bard (Dervish Dancer) 2 - Angela
Titanus, Oread Druid (Storm Druid) 2 (retired) - Taylor
Mark, Common Viridian Human Monk (Master of Many Forms/Hungry Ghost) 2 (deceased) - Paul

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