The Age of Worms, Session 15

We rejoined the game on Wednesday just as our band was moving on from the kenku-populated labyrinth, into a secret door that led into a packed store room, where the inhabitants even held goats and chickens for food and milk sources!

After wading through all of the items stored within (and creating a harness from nets and bits and bridles to carry most of the things we wanted on Filge's owlbear zombie), and the group listening to Sagt ring bells he had found within for about 5 minutes straight, the party made sure that the room was secure, set up watch, and got some much needed rest...probably. Sagt was really into those bells.

Once everyone had rested up and we were prepared to wade further in, we made haste further down the passageways, only for Sagt, who was at point, to enter what appeared to be a chapel occupied by two humans and an allip, who caught most of the party with its babble, freezing them in their tracks. Sagt was swiped a few times by the allip while the humans cast spells and one of them ran into another room. Quick thinking by Filge to cast a spell making the allip back away from combat (maybe Command Undead, but I can't recall at the moment) eased what could have been a disastrous encounter, and once the hypnotism of the thing's babble wore off, we were able to dispatch the spellcasters with ease.

Entering the area one of them had entered and then came back out from, we ran right into a centipede that most wagons could not even carry. This held us off for a while as the chamber it was in was led to by a small corridor from the chapel. The distraction of the beast also gave a few spellcasters that were in the room a chance to double back and come around from a door we had not checked to attack us from behind in the chapel. Thus, our party was split between two combats, one with three spellcasters against our spellcasters, the other with our fighter types against the centipede.

Though the huge vermin was dispatched easily, the group of Ebon Triad wizards were proving to be a little harder to take down, but once everyone was in the fray, the two acolytes were handled fairly quickly. The master, however, proved to be another matter entirely, and it took almost a full minute of hard fighting and the near loss of half the group due to his fearful magics, such as lightning bolts) before we prevailed.

This combat ran long, so we called it there, almost an hour past our usual stop time.

Cast of Characters
Sagt, Varag 4 (Racial levels) - Me
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 3/Wizard 2 - Paul
Rosebud, Gnome Warmage 4 - Paul (we're allowed to have 2 characters)
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 4 - David
Xan, Maenad Duskblade 4 (retired) - Andrew
Filge, Human Wizard (Necromancer) ? - NPC

Notes: The write-ups I present for this game are simply a more intelligible interpretation of what happens through Sagt's eyes. That's the primary reason why I don't present very much in the way of story, too, because his Intelligence is so abysmal that he can't communicate with the party other than a few basic concepts, since all he speaks is Goblin. Also, he came in half-way through the dungeon, so has no clue about what's going on, or the group's real goals, only that he knows they are his clan now, since they rescued him from being eaten.

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