Age of Worms, Session 18

In search of the missing battlemage and her cadre, we traveled for what seemed like several days into the Mistmarsh, encountering predators both natural and unnatural, with the last, a group of ghouls and a ghast tearing Sagt to pieces once successfully paralyzing him.

The rest of the group won the day and escaped with their lives, pressing on to continue their mission after conducting hasty rites over the goblinoid, and before too much longer, were rewarded with finally founding the lair of the lizardfolk, which they entered without hesitation.

Therein, the group managed to quickly fight their way to the back of the enclave and find the chamber of the king of this tribe, a large lizardfolk with a trident enchanted to return to its owner's hand when hurled. The battle with him was fierce, but again, our heroes triumphed and claimed his magic weapon for themselves!

Shortly, a lizardfolk approached them, claiming to be the tribe's shaman, and offering to assist them if they would act against the king's lieutenant so that the tribe would not have to suffer under his rule. The PCs agreed, and had set off to find him when the session closed.

Cast of Characters
Sagt, Varag 5 (Racial levels) - Me (deceased)
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 3/Wizard 3 - Paul
Rosebud, Gnome Warmage 5 - Paul (secondary)
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 6 - David

Notes: This session report is short because it was fairly combat intensive, with a few random encounters, and then fighting the way through the lizardfolk compound. The brevity also stems from the fact that I wasn't the most attentive after Sagt died, as I was trying to construct a character that I have since decided not to play.

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