Giving Life to a Wormy Cohort

Now, before I delve into this I would like to assure my DM that I do not want my character's cohort pre-infected with those zombie worms we've been dealing with! That would be gross...and mean.

This write-up was actually easier than Cameron's, but is for that character's cohort, Dairon val Eite, a minor noble scion well versed in matters of court who hopes to serve a boon to his master in helping the man return to greatness that he may rise to equal prominence as a knight in his own right.
1. What do you look like?
Dairon is, perhaps, the last person one would expect to find on a battlefield, as his lithe build is more suited to sporting fields and his aquiline features bear a look found only in the noble's court. His armor and rapier slung low on his hip make him look more a rake or fop than the warrior-poet that he styles himself as.
2. Where is your family, if any?
The val Eite family remain in Eltirr, safe in their castles and hosting their grand parties in sycophantic fashion for House Torquaan..

3. For whom or what would you make sacrifices for?
Elise, above all. Cameron, Eltirr and The Northern Kingdom follow closely, but he leaves off his family and their House Torquaan allies, since he feels he was betrayed by them when sent to Cameron's side when they knew he understood the circumstances of the knight's landing.

4. What is your greatest regret?
Not letting Cameron in on the fact that he was being duped when given his own holdings. That, or not marrying his childhood love, Elise, before he was sent off to join Cameron in his lands.

5. What are your greatest dislikes?
Those who stammer or seem ill at ease with themselves when speaking. Further, he has developed great distaste for those who abuse any substance.

6. What topics or activities fascinate you?
The histories of aristocracy and nobility, as well as warfare and those who have been key parts of both, so as to find what made them so memorable.

7. What habits do you possess?
Dairon knows his strengths as a speech-maker, and thus constantly is reciting or refining some statement or another so that one day, his words may carry on in posterity. Thus, it sounds like he's constantly muttering to himself.

8. What secrets do you harbor?
Dairon shamefully hides the fact that he was complicit in Cameron's exile, but in knowledge only. His family helped set up the young noble in the fief he was given as a bait to see how strong Delglath's forces really were.

9. Are you rational or passionate about your feelings?
Dairon is very passionate, but in a different way than his master. Where Cameron has, when sober, the demeanor of a Saint - reveling in the emotions and sharing them through example - the squire is much more overtly emotive, not just sharing his own emotions, but using his gifts as a bard to make others feel the same, ranging from quiet peacefulness to raging anger.

10. Are you superstitious or sophisticated beyond superstition?
One can hardly be sophisticated beyond superstition when he has witnessed the terrible powers of the dead. (A recycled answer, yes, but one that rings no less true for Dairon as it does Cameron.)

11. How strong is your faith in your patron deity?
Dairon's family were always the type hosting grand parties, galas, and balls, and put much faith into Zilchus, the god of wealth. Since his passing to Sir Cameron as page, Dairon has found that wealth is a privilege that must be won, and has begun to lean toward loose teachings of Heironeus.

12. How self-confident are you?
Though born into his role to serve as page and squire, Dairon has had his resolve shaken and feels that he will not attain the rank of knight, himself, if he cannot conquer the same fears that he secretly shares with Cameron.

13. What drives you to adventure?
Dairon's only real drive right now, as he is a dutiful squire, is to see the wrongs heaped on his knight and master righted, and to help destroy and put an end to the predations of Delglath's legions.

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