A Correction On The Warhammer Campaign

So, it appears I was wrong on who was playing in the campaign and what they were playing, to boot. I had misunderstood some conversations I had with people, but here's how it stands as far as who is playing what...
Casey - Dark Elves
John C. - Demons of Chaos
Jon R. - Lizardmen
Chris - Lizardmen
Tony - Tomb Kings
CJ - Empire
Paul - Ogres
David - Dwarfs
Taylor - Orcs and Goblins
George - Skaven
Me - Vampire Counts

So far, Tony has taken a territory from Casey and Chris has defended an attack by Casey. Lots of games coming up in the next few days, including me trying to take a territory from CJ, Taylor attacking Tony, Tony attacking Paul, and lots of other crazy junk.
JoshD, the return of XenoPWN would so rock in my book. I'd definitely be up for that. btw, you need to get your ass to the new location sometime. The shop is now tres cool!
sohj, Wood Elves would be interesting. You should roll that. My counts thirst for elf blood! Mwahaha!


Anonymous said...

new location? where you guys at now?


Buddy Richards said...

We're a few blocks down, heading toward Wal*Mart. This time on the right. Right across the street from Radio Shack, in the same building as The Medicine Shoppe.