Dark Heresy: You Want Me To Do...WHAT?!

I don't have a campaign name for the Dark Heresy game, but I'm sure what I posted in the topic pretty much sums up how the PCs have felt alot throughout the game.

We're about 6 to 8 sessions in now, and honestly, I couldn't have guessed at how smoothly the game would have been going. Since we're playing the game as books are released, we're all learning as we go, pretty much and it's a blast.

The campaign started out on Malfi, a hive world relatively nearish the heart of the Calixis Sector. There, M'koll (Yes, David stole a 40k name), Akarian Stolvault, and Barl-Tok were sent on planet to investigate a hiver gang known for violence and drug running that had supposedly committed some minor heresies. They had been given a hiver contact named Sadis Wraith, who was to guide them through the bustling hive and lead them to their first location.

There, however, is where the shit hit the proverbial fan and a gunfight broke out and we got our first taste of the system's critical charts, which are A-FREAKING-MAZING, and the Fear system, which the players hate alot, but I'm in love with. Some blood was shed and the PCs were victorious in the fight, despite the failed fear rolls that had some great effects.

After the fight, they were called to regroup with Interrogator Hesdus and an ecclesiarchy priest by the name of Gallus Tzuron joined them. After more misfortune, including a slight incident with the vert train, a failed incursion into gang territory, and the addition of a sanctioned psyker named Ryld and an arbiter named Jorn, the group finally hit a good trail and did more investigation, which led them to finally decide to attack the hold-out of the Seekers gang.

A bloodbath ensued which culminated in key gang leaders getting away in a flyer marked with a customized seal of the Inquisition with the mark of the Adeptus Mechanicus laid over it. Relaying this information to Hesdus, the group was pulled back quickly to leave planet, the others meeting with Hesdus and briefing him while Gallus dealt with planetary government to smooth over some of the panic caused by the show of violence.

After that, the acolytes made their way to Gunmetal City to perform a "clean kill" on a public personage by the name of Mary Elizabeth, who they had been told was associating with or otherwise involved in heretical matters, and must be cleansed.

Hesdus told them little of their mission, but dropped them planetside to meet a contact, who simply handed them a dataslate with key information involving their mission and walked away. Browsing through the data at hand, the group stood stunned when they looked at a picture of their target...it wasn't Mary Elizabeth, but The Merry Elizabeth...a transport ship on her "homecoming" voyage and bringing with her a whole regiment of Imperial Guardsmen.

Not much has happened since then, but the acolytes are formulating a plan to destroy the ship before she makes it planetside. They have a day and a half in-game to bring their plans to fruition, for tomorrow, The Merry Elizabeth dies!

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