I'm Alive! Alive! *cue mad scientist laugh*

So yeah...I've really been sucking it up on keeping this updated, but I thought I'd throw some stuff down and go from there.

Just to fill you in on things that I've been up to, I've got the whole school thing going on, plus I'm trying to find a job to supplement the shop thing, and I've been sick for the past 2 weeks, so YeY that.

On the plus side, I'm getting better and gaming is great lately. I'll be making individual posts for each of the games in the order we play them during the week to catch everything up, but for now I'll just give a once-over on other things that have been/will be going on at the shop.

We've started another Magic league, this one is Mirrodin/Darksteel and Taylor has a pretty promising lead over the pack. I admit, I was excited when Mirrodin was proposed for league play, but my pulls were kinda disheartening. I don't really have the card power for anything I'd call "solid" in a format like we're playing. I've won some games, but consistency is failing for me. C'est la vie, I suppose.

On a more promising note, we'll be starting a Warhammer campaign soon, and I'm eager to field my Vampire Counts. There's quite a few people on board for this and I think it's gonna be a blast. The armies that are going to be fielded run almost the full selection, too. Taylor is going to be running Orcs & Goblins, Casey has Dark Elves, Teawok has Dark Elves (if he's playing), Jon R. is running Lizardmen, as is Chris. Norman is marching his Empire to war, CJ will likely be running Lizardmen, Tony has Tomb Kings, John has Demons of Chaos. David and Josh need to play! That would be spectacular. *nods in the affirmative*

A little after the fantasy campaign starts, a 40k campaign will be starting up, as well. I'm not sure who all will be playing in that, but I know David is running his Necrons, Tony has Tau, Fred will likely bring his Space Marines up, and there will surely be more. I'd personally like to roll Eldar, and I know Taylor is interested in Imperial Guard. I guess we'll see how that goes, but it should be pretty interesting.


Anonymous said...


*surprise blue penis*

Anonymous said...

AMG Buddy!

A 40k tourney you say? Perhaps XenoPWN needs to make a return!


Sohj said...

I might run some wood elves... We'll see. I'm really not sure if I'd have the time/money.