Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Parts 15-29

Quite a lot has happened since I last posted about this campaign, so I'll try to keep it brief, but I will say one thing...most of the characters you've read about up to this point aren't counted among the living anymore. I'll explain...

The affair at Ossington was bloody and left a bad taste in the party's mouth, especially when it was realized that anyone who dies cannot pass onto Dollurh, their spirits roaming restlessly as ghostlike manifestations (via Ghostwalk supplemental rules.) Vacht, Vey, Allura, and Mac all died during their adventures there, but decided to risk a chance on Raise Deads, which, thankfully, had no ill effects.

Chasing those who were cause to their troubles led the party close to where the whole mess took place, a large rift in the ground, which also holds the Sunless Citadel that the party tackled as their first adventuring foray. After weeks of hard-fought battles, quite a few deaths in the party, and other setbacks/diversions, the party has forged their way for the second time into a place only known as Nightfang Spire, a Blood of Vol temple long in disuse and under the rule of a vampire known as Gulthias, who also happens to be Allura's father, whom she took up adventuring to search for.

The group has fought their way to basement level of the tower, an expansive dungeon area filled with the ghastly remains (some mobile) of the former inhabitants and seem to be itching to finish Gulthias' menace and to quit this place as soon as possible.

Heart of Nightfang Spire is the 5th of 8 adventures in the adventure path the group is playing through, and, by far, has caused the most hardship and loss in the group. How this will take a toll on the character's futures, only time will tell.

Cast of Characters
Allura Fellhaven, Female Kalashtar Psion(Telepath) 9 - Carl
Devin "Lucky" Nel, Male Cleric 5/Human Paragon 3/Fortune's Friend 3 - Paul
Guy Veir "Mac" d'Cannith, Male Human Artificer 8/Renegade Mastermaker 2 - Taylor
Cade Twistvine, Male Hagspawn (formerly Halfling) Rogue 4/Cleric 1/Skullclan Hunter 3 - Josh M.
Murmur, Male Personality Warforged Paladin 8/Exorcist of the Silver Flame 2 - David B.
Revantor, Male Personality Fighter 4/Warblade 4 - Jeremy
Talin Shiri, Female Elf Ranger 3/Warblade 2/Revenant Blade 5 - Chris
Vacht Aernsland d'Orien, Male Human Wizard(Evoker) 10 - Steve C.
Randy Lingso, Male Half-Elf Monk 1/Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 2 - David S.

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