Concerns About Tuesday

So, I've been thinking more on my post from yesterday about Tuesday's campaign and how I would like to deal with it all. Obviously, I will have a quick chat with the guys after we assemble at the table, but that will be game night and I can't really just go "Okay, now that I know what you want, give me a few hours and I'll change the game to suit."

This leaves me with wondering how or even if I should change my notes to maybe work into the style that the group seems to want. I like combat in games. In fact, I think if I had to play an RPG that had absolutely NO combat, I just really wouldn't be into it at all. However, I also enjoy exploration of the setting and storylines to support the combat and exploration.

I don't buy fully into the GNS Theory or The Big Model's statements that any group will only play X type of game, dependent on what system they choose to play under. I think that there's a definte ability to play XYZ game and to have it be enjoyable. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe once Tuesday rolls around, we'll see what the players say and then I'll have to eat my words.

I've thrown so many bones to the PCs that have gone ignored or otherwise dismissed (maybe as minor occurrences that they don't need to mess with?), that I'm actually at a loss as to how to get them more into the game...and this is a fucking book campaign! I'm just trying to connect the adventures. Maybe I'll just say 'stuff it' and throw them at the beginning of the next adventure.

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