Dark Heresy Has Returned!

This is good news....sadly, I learned tonight that Josh H. will have to drop out of the games because he's moving. It's bittersweet, though, as he is leaving us to further his education! He's a smarty.

Also adding to the suck is that Josh, though present, didn't really get to play tonight as his character was in surgery. I think their surgery system is skewed, and the Medicae skill, in general. Everything just seems to take so long.

While it is true, some of the characters can get pretty banged up during the course of their duties to the Emperor, it just seems ridiculous that someone undergo surgery for 9 days (or more) to be healed or given an augmetic limb. While it is true, these types of things would take time...this is also the 41st millenia...you'd think that they'd have figured some shit out to speed recoveries or created shortcuts in procedures to get them done more rapidly.

It confuses me.

Anyway, some crazy stuff...as was promised...occured in tonight's game. We only really had Sadis (Steve C.) and Mkoll (David B.) on the case with the rest of the team either in the infirmary or ghosted due to not being present.

When we left off last time, the characters had just bailed out of a cargo ship holding a small group of orcs before it was blasted out of the sky by Imperial forces, only to see the ship escape out into the blackness of space. During this retreat, Jorn (Josh H.) was taken by the Sisters of Angelic Grace to their infirmary to undergo surgery to heal him while Sadis and Mkoll sped toward the home of Father Simian to rendevous with Interrogator Hesdus.

While en route, Hesdus radioed that Simian was dead and by the time the acolytes arrived, all that was left to be seen was a bloody mess of a house and no trace of anyone or anything but Simian's dead body, a scrapped servitor, and a cogitator that had been shot.

Following up leads from earlier, and trying to regroup with members of Simian's employees to gain more information, the PCs made their way to the offices of the Assassinorum where Mkoll found out a previous "recommendation" had been withdrawn and no trace of the hit could be found and not much else, because shortly after the whole building was brought down in a huge explosion.

In the aftermath of that explosion, more blasts could be heard further away within the city and some recon and questioning of local authorities led them to find out that two "safehouses" that the acolytes had used recently and Father Simian's home had all been bombed, as well as a diner which multiple of the PCs had visited.

Though distrustful of the Sisters of Battle, the group, without anywhere else to turn, asked aid from the convent and were given sparse lodging and medical care while Jorn recovers.

In the meantime, Mkoll has begun to seek answers to the many questions that have arisen in this dangerous, hectic day...not the least of which is "Where is Hesdus?" and "Who is behind this?"

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Anonymous said...

As far as tech goes, they lost a lot during the Horus Heresy on Mars. Some of the tech they mention in the book Mechanicum is leaps and bounds above what they have in the 41st millennium. Though the book made it sound like only a handful of people survived what happened on Mars.