Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Part 37

This session was a blast. I addressed the problems that I felt the game has been suffering and we had the problem addressed and resolved within 5 minutes. We all agreed that it came down to the fact that there's very little dissemination of information among the group.

It's not that the party is constantly working at cross purposes, but it seems to be the case that everyone at the table is playing strictly IC...amazing for a group the size we have, but everyone at the table is really good at keeping what they know and running with only that. That's awesome, but it has caused huge bogs in the game when multiple characters aren't sharing information and able to piece things together to further the plot.

After we talked out what we think is the problem and joked around about it for a bit, we dove into the game, the characters quick to try and tie up as many loose ends as possible before setting out for the Starpeaks. I really think that's the name of the mountains, anyway. Quite a few other details have escaped me, but the game session seemed to just zip past and it was quite a bit of fun. I really should have posted this sooner, so I could remember everything that took place, but oh well. Tomorrow/today (depending on how you gauge time) will be another session and I hope the group is ready for...Deep Horizon!

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