Dark Sun And Other Current "In the Works..."

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a 3.5 D&D Dark Sun game was voted in as the next game to be played on Tuesdays. In my preliminary notes for the campaign, I was looking to make it a really free-form game focused mainly on roleplay, perhaps without the dynamics of a party unless circumstances bring multiple characters together. Now, though, I'm a little worried that a game like that might not go over too well, since I've seen how the current campaign is going and how well the players take to city adventures (Speaker in Dreams went not so well for the group due to nobody taking a hint).

I'm going to bring that up Tuesday when I try to get opinions on the current campaign and see what people think. I might just take the list with me again and recast the votes for the game. See how they turn out with our smaller group. It's weird...I guess Ox and his pals didn't like the game because it wasn't fight fight fight, but they haven't showed up in three weeks now.

In addition to working up the starting notes for Dark Sun, I've also been looking into older systems, or games that simulate such, and thanks to Jeff over at the Gameblog, I've become interested in Labyrinth Lord. I think a system that's still D&D, but isn't as much a numbers game would be a pretty nice diversion for the group and we'd all enjoy it. Maybe. Perhaps.

I've also been tossing around the idea of running a supers game. Not sure what system, though I have a couple at my disposal. I'm liking Aberrant the most strictly from a storyline perspective, but Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (the SAGA system one) can be fun for some wonky power limits and the gamble behind saving cards or blowing them.

There's alot going on in my noggin as far as gaming goes, I just need to actually take the time to work it all out on paper or something.

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