Angels And Heretics: Dark Heresy Night!

So, tonight was kinda cool. That guy who we had been hearing of that wanted to come play DH with us finally showed up. His name is Sam and he slapped together a rank 5 Guardsman in less than an hour, only having asked like 3 questions. Good stuff!

The game was, and has been going slowly, with the breakout scenario just being a sloggy gun-tiff (I would say fight, but it just seems like nothing much was really happening...some pinning and junk, but eh.) After 6 rounds of slogging through combat, and trying to think of where I wanted to go from there, I popped in a cliche! (Le gasp, I know!)

I pulled out the old Deus Ex Machina, at least that's how it originally appeared, but this was actually something I was going to throw into the game a bit later. Now seemed the best time, though, with the PCs hedged and not wanting to make Kristy suffer on deciding if killing the party was in her best interest, the group had a holy visitation in the form of angels...of death, of course.

During the exchange of las fire, two Astartes of the Imperial Fists chapter 'ported in, demanded the Big I's storm troopers back down, and then ported the group out (but not before Jericho bit it from a head shot!), including Amethyst, since Hesdus had forgotten who she was, because of her Forget Me power, and thought she was just caught in the crossfire.

Upon arrival, one of the space marines looked at Hesdus and muttered "The debt is repaid," raising more questions that had yet to be answered because as soon as they teleported to safety, Hesdus and the marines left the room, with Hesdus pleading the group to stay where they are (most likely to avoid the ire of the Adeptus.)

Whys/wheres are starting to spring into the minds of the Acolytes now, and the depth and breadth of the scope of what they've gotten into is impacting pretty hard. Why do some agents of the Imperium want them dead and other's sticking their necks out seemingly needlessly to save them? What will the ramifications be when Amethyst's Forget Me wears off? Where are they headed to? The answers still await...

+As an afternote, I find it hilarious that other than possible passing glances, none of the characters have met Amethyst, and the only one that could pinpoint her as the person who stopped the original breakout that could remember (Jericho,) is dead! Ah, good times.

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