Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Part 44

Tonight, everyone but Josh Mead was able to make it, so we had a pretty good group for the session that included Chris' new character, who, upon being freed from the chains of the desmodu guards from last session, set to looking for his gear, aiding the PCs as much he could in hopes that finding his stuff would be easier with people to watch his ass.

And so they went, freeing the rest of the slaves that had been held, and healing the party up before moving on to search the upstairs area to where the mind flayer had fled...led by the stoic Murmur, who ascended on his disk to the top just to be bombarded by arrows from two desmodus, a disentegration ray from a beholder, and the mind blast from the illithid...and took nary a scratch!

As the rest of the group made its way up through various ways....which I think I hampered by a poor description to the area, but it was easy to do, as the entrance was a bit weird, being a stairwell without stairs, Murmur engaged the enemy and even used his Buster-like docent weapon, which draws his life force out to power it, effectively trading an infinite amount of 5 damage increments for d6s of damage produced, chosen at the time of use.

It came to pass that the fight was joined upstairs by more of the party (minus Viday) and 2 more desmodus, but not before Kelamor was able to dismiss an ice wall conjured by the mind flayer, who also used the bought time to beat a hasty retreat, to arrest their progress and cut them off from helping their paladin comrade.

Once everyone was in the fray, however, they made short work of the baddies and then continued on to searching the rest of the upstairs area, where they came upon a small library of ancient tomes, some petrified animals and insects, a room with dirty cots and not much else, two chests (which together held some treasure and all of Chris' stuff,) and an empty chamber with a shaft leading down directly over the hole on the bottom floor with water, where it was surmised the illithid was able to make his escape.

Through the use of stone shape, they blocked the shaft and the doorway leading into the chamber and decided to set up camp right as we were finishing up.

It kinda sucked that the game ended so early, but it was for understandable reasons, and I think we all had fun, though Steve seemed kinda annoyed. Not sure if it was at the game or not.

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