Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Part 43

This week, we were just 4, but the game went on and it was a fun romp, even if we didn't get started early enough to really get anything done.

We started off with Bellosh nearly being shark bait (even though Josh M. didn't make it to this session) as he searched the water area for any treasure or other pieces of interest, but he was able to make a narrow escape with the help of Vacht and Murmur, and the party decided to leave better off alone for the time being.

After Talin's death last week, Chris decided to make up a Rogue to help the party out, who I inserted into the next area the PCs were going to enter after playing with sunrods and the three pits in the area they were in, which consisted of bones, water, and a tentacle and deciding none of those options seemed appealing at the time.

Murmur swung open the door to find two Desmodus (bat guys, in case you don't remember) near a stairwell that leads down, directing groups of chained slaves along the walls of the chamber, which used to serve as the main chapel of the temple, that consisted of more Desmodus, Trolls, Lizardfolk, an Elf (poor Nas), and Kuo-toa.

The Desmodus immediately began conversation with Murmur (whose manly Jeremy Irons voice had returned) and asked the group their business, then explained that they were restoring the temple with slave labor, and though it was abhorrent, they treated the slaves as well as possible and would release them upon completion.

Noticing their War Faction insignia, a tone about their voices that masked something, and their own Desmodu companion's tension at the sight of these ones, Murmur decided that action was the right course and charged the mercenaries, wanting to stamp out their evil quickly.

There came a surprise shortly after fighting started as a Beholder floated up from the stairwell and joined the fray, laying into Murmur full on with all eyes....and just doing about 40 damage, for all it's worth. The battle raged for just a few rounds, joined by Nas, who attacked a Mind Flayer who was disguised as one of the slaves, and helping to end the fight quickly for the heroes, though ultimately, the Flayer got away after Mind Blasting Nas and flying to the upper level.

We left off right as he went over the edge of an ascending stairwell, so the group has yet to take stock of the situation or anything, and introductions of Nas have yet to truly be made, but I think the character will be a big asset to the group.

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