So, I've Been Thinking Alot...

...about the influence music has on my games.

It's no secret among my friends that for the most part, I listen to metal...a genre of music thats very roots sit in the fantasy and sci-fi that permeate the hobby. If you don't believe me or need more evidence to this, just look to bands such as Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio, Manowar, etc..

As I've been compiling my thoughts on expanding my old Khardtha setting and doing some form of sandbox game, I've been soaking up as much as I can from any and all inspirational sources, and music seems to be something I've been going to more and more, either accidentally or purposefully.

This has no real point, but I thought I would share an example in the form of a video and the lyrics to one such song that has spurred some thought.

3 Inches of Blood - "The Goatriders Horde"
*All rights belong to owners, I claim no rights.

Feeling the march of the fury unleashed
Impaling the soldiers of God
Smell of sulphur hot on the wind
Left by the goatriders horde
The thundering roar of the cloven hoof
The goatriders horde descends with the storm
I am eternal I walk the night
I am the reaper of souls
Cold iron blades they cannot stop me
Where I am from no one knows
I am in command
Impervious to fire
Impervious to steel
Merciless vengeance
Dealt by their strike
Treachery stalking evil command
Cloven hoofed steed I ride
Armies of horns descend on the gates
Hatred burns their eyes
Walls of stone cannot stop them
Too weak are the spells of old
At the sound of their banshee cry
The hearts of all grow cold
Fueled by the fears of man
To slake the unquenchable thirst
I'm in command
The goatriders horde

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