World of Darkness Text Game Recap: Eliot

Between March and May of last year, I had been bouncing the idea off some friends of playing a game separate from our table ventures via e-mail, IM, or text. The response I got was fairly positive, so in mid-May, we worked out that we would try to have a game via text, and I hashed out some quick rules and details after deciding on the new World of Darkness.

Our Chronicle took place in Chicago, and though we didn't make it too far into the game, I found it fun and the game actually ran for almost a year, and could have been longer if not for an extremely long hiatus breaking focus amongst the players.

In this series, I will be posting the character sheet and logs for one PC per post. Along with the character sheet, I will give the background info submitted by the player, as well as various notes from me, including their "tie" to the supernatural, explaining where I wanted to take the game with them. The ties were all made early on, and I'm not 100% sure that's where I would have gone with them as the game progressed.

The logs and character sheet are presented as-is, with typos, etc. Player text is default color.

This one is for Travis' character, Eliot.

Eliot Alister                              Virtue: Hope                             Chronicle: Text WoD
Age:                                         Vice: Envy                                Faction:
Player: Travis                            Concept: Hood Rat/Thief           Group Name:

Intelligence: ••                          Strength: •                                Presence: •
Wits: ••••                                   Dexterity: •••                             Manipulation: •••
Resolve: ••                               Stamina: •••                              Composure: ••

Mental (-3 unskilled)                 Physical (-1 unskilled)              Social (-1 unskilled)
Academics •                             Athletics •                                Animal Ken                 
Computer                                 Brawl ••                                    Empathy
Crafts ••                                    Drive •                                      Expression •
Investigation •                          Firearms                                  Intimidation ••
Medicine                                  Larceny ••                                Persuasion
Occult                                      Stealth ••                                  Socialize •
Politics                                     Survival •                                 Streetwise ••
Science                                    Weaponry ••                             Subterfuge •

Other Traits
Merits                                       Health                                      Willpower
Danger Sense ••                        • • • • • • • •                               • • • •
Disarm ••                                  [X][X][][][][][][]                            [][][][]
Fast Reflexes ••
Fleet of Foot

Flaws                                       Morality                                   
                                                • • • • • • •

Size: 5                                      Speed: 11                                 Defense: 3
Armor:                                     Initiative Mod: 5                       Experience: 5/0/5

Weapon/Attack             Dice Mod.         Range              Clip      Size

Equipment                               Durability         Structure          Size     Cost

Background: Eliot is a hood rat who grew up stealing everything he had and providing for his family that way, with the hope that he will make a better life for his 11 year old brother, Sam.

-Sam Alister, 11 year old brother

Tie: I hadn't thought of a tie for Eliot yet, though I had just become aware of Geist and had a few other ideas connected to ghosts/spirits, seeing how his dad might die.

ST: Summer is always tough for you, school feeds your brother [OOC: does he have a name?] and it's not always easy for you to hustle up food or money for it. It's gonna be time for him to wanna eat, soon, though, and hunger pains are getting the best of you, too.
Heading out for the day, your mind begins to churn over your options at scoring a quick buck...
Eliot: [Sam age:11]
after sending Sam off to school I dig through my parents wallets to see if they had any money that they hadent already spent on themselves. They had none like always. I head out trying to find food or money for dinner. I walk down the street and see the local bar to try to get someone with money to put some on a pool game. Or if anything else pick someone pocket. Anything for a meal for Sam.
it is summer time so other than sending Sam to school I left him at the house to fend for himself for the day
ST: it takes a bit of trash talking, but you finally get a non-regular riled enough to slap down $20 on the game, which you take easily. The guy either had been drinking a while, had never played pool, or you had him riled enough to throw his concentration.
At any rate, you collect Andrew Jackson with a smug grin
Eliot: after collecting the money I decided that sam was probably pritty hungry by now so I walk outside and start walking to a fast food place to pick up some quick burgers before going home.
ST: everything goes smoothly and you feel pretty good about feeding your brother. Your parents try, but living in the city and raising kids drains all their money. You guys always have a roof over your head, though
When you get home, Sam is on the couch with a comic book your mom brought home for him that someone had left at their table at the diner. Dad is sitting at the table, figuring up bills, he keeps rubbing his mouth and chin, not a good sign
Eliot: sitting next to Sam I asked him what he did that was constructive today he tells me that he went to a friens house to do drugh (smart ass) looking at dad I see that he is still looking at the check book like if he staired at it long enough somthing would change. So I went on ahead and asked (is there something wrong?) that's when he tells me (well if we don't get $500 in three days we will be living on the streets for a few weeks til next payday.) (me: is there anything I can do to help?) (dad: ya shit a gold nugget.) feeling useless I grab up my brothers comic and take it to my room to pass some time before I fall asleep
ST: a few minutes later, you hear a chair squeak across the floor, then the muffled sounds of your dad talking to your brother before the door opens and closes
Eliot: I walk into the living room to see a worried look on my brothers face. (were did dad go) he tells me that he was pissed that the land lord wouldent give us an extintion on the rent so he went to go have a talk with him. Knowing how my dad gets when he is mad I thought (better get down there before things get out of hand( on my way down to the land lords apartment I herd shouting and a grunt of pain. I burst into the door to see my land lord standing over my dads body. I look down to see if he was ok and thank god he was still breathing. ( what did you do). (land lord: you better get your dad out of here before I finish what he started) in blind rage I stand up and start swinging
ST: your dad looks pretty wrecked, but you don't really take the time to think about why until after you miss your initial flurry and feel the sharp pain as the landlord's knife sinks into your skin before he shouts "I said get the hell out! Take your worthless father, too! You have an hour to pack your shit and get the fuck out of my tenements!" [OOC: you've taken 2 lethal damage (lethal doesn't mean you'll die from it, necessarily, just it's more serious than bashing) and your dad is cut up bad and bleeding. You can continue the scene however you wish]

Eliot: I grab my dad even though he complains that he will be fine half carry half drag him to the er. Once we got there they tell me that I need to get looked at to so they lay me in the bed next to my dad for a day to recover (at least it's a place to sleep tonight) I sweet talk the nurse to let my mom and brother stay with us in are room but it will only last till my dad gets better or worse. Only thing to do now is Waite and see. [sorry it took so long to get this sent. I want to play but I keep forgetting about it.]
ST: the attending nurse takes offense at your sweet-talking and boots your mom and brother out of the room, pushing your brother a little when he goes to hug you and your dad, then telling them they'll have to stay in the waiting area ifthey wish to stick around. You also realize, due to listening to doctors, etc., that your dad is pretty much on death's door, though, as always, has a brave face on for everyone else's benefit
As much as I tried, this was all I could get from Travis. I did find his willingness to narrate other characters to be exciting, as it gave me things to work on.

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