World of Darkness Text Game Recap: Llana

Between March and May of last year, I had been bouncing the idea off some friends of playing a game separate from our table ventures via e-mail, IM, or text. The response I got was fairly positive, so in mid-May, we worked out that we would try to have a game via text, and I hashed out some quick rules and details after deciding on the new World of Darkness.

Our Chronicle took place in Chicago, and though we didn't make it too far into the game, I found it fun and the game actually ran for almost a year, and could have been longer if not for an extremely long hiatus breaking focus amongst the players.

In this series, I will be posting the character sheet and logs for one PC per post. Along with the character sheet, I will give the background info submitted by the player, as well as various notes from me, including their "tie" to the supernatural, explaining where I wanted to take the game with them. The ties were all made early on, and I'm not 100% sure that's where I would have gone with them as the game progressed.

The logs and character sheet are presented as-is, with typos, etc. Player text is default color.

This one is for Azhure's character, Llana Larsen.

Llana Larsen                            Virtue: Prudence                       Chronicle: Text WoD
Age: 33                                     Vice: Lust                                 Faction:
Player: Azhure                          Concept: Pharm., Gun Enth.      Group Name:

Intelligence: •••                        Strength: ••                              Presence: ••
Wits: •••                                    Dexterity: •••                             Manipulation: ••
Resolve: ••                               Stamina: ••                               Composure: ••

Mental (-3 unskilled)                 Physical (-1 unskilled)              Social (-1 unskilled)
Academics: ••                           Athletics: •                               Animal Ken                 
Computer: •                              Brawl                                       Empathy: •
Crafts                                       Drive: •                                     Expression: •
Investigation: ••                        Firearms: •••                             Intimidation
Medicine: •••    (Pharm)            Larceny                                    Persuasion: •
Occult: •                                   Stealth: •                                  Socialize: •
Politics                                     Survival                                   Streetwise
Science: ••                               Weaponry: •                             Subterfuge

Other Traits
Merits                                       Health                                      Willpower
Ambidextrous •••                       • • • • • •                                                • •
Natural Immunity                      [][][][][][]                                    [][]
Gunslinger •••

Flaws                                       Morality                                   
                                                • • • • • • •

Size: 5                                      Speed: 8                                   Defense: 2
Armor:                                     Initiative Mod: 3                       Experience: 6/0/6

Weapon/Attack             Dice Mod.         Range              Clip      Size

Equipment                               Durability         Structure          Size     Cost

Background: Llana is a 33 year old pharmacist with a passion for firearms. She is a little reserved and has trouble warming up to people. Llana is an unremarkable woman except for being somewhat short at 5'2".

Tie: Hunter, working for a cell of The Cheiron Group unknowingly, as a pharmacist at one of their Jones-Klein-Beauchamp facilities.


ST: work has been shit lately. Not only have there been major restructuring of the departments, you've been assigned to selective destructuring topicals [OOC: I'm not sure if this field exists, but basically, selective necrosis for smoothing scar tissue and aid in removal of various blemishes and non-fatal tumors]. The group is comprised of mostly younger or fairly new employees
ST: Meaning that, among other things, nobody is used to each other's work ethics/styles
Llana: I'm not too keen on meeting or learning to work with new people, especially the younger crowd, but not entirely unhappy with the department I've been assigned too. I like the chance to have a hand in something that would make a difference, even a small one, to someone
ST: the next few days are filled with math, math, and more math, as your team begin work on topical base formulas, and your nights are filled with light reading...the 400 page report that is your assignment.
Deep into the report, you notice that a key focus for the project is to "cleanly" deteriorate inert organics at a progressive rate 
Llana: after spending almost a week //with next to no sleep// pouring over text book after text book of medical data and research, we've come up with an enzymatic gel that is effective in the removal of devitalized tissue. The enzymes collagenase and fibrinolytics were proving to be the most effective.
The downside being that neither enzymes distinguish between viable and nonviable tissue.. Maybe sometime in the future there may be a way around this, but for now, there isn't. //All in all, a good way to end the week, I think. Now if only we could get some decent coffee around here..//
ST: your work during the week goes along about as well as suspected. There are plenty of hang-ups in finding the right compounds, as one can hardly train enzymes to target certain materials, or differentiate between them
During the testing phases of the most viable options, visitors have been brought in to observe by upper management.
ST: These visitors will sometimes engage in small talk, and have ID badges naming them as scientists, doctors, safety co-ordinators in the company, etc., but all seem to not have the mannerisms or knowledge needed, in some cases, to convince you fully.
Perhaps the company is bringing in private contractors or bidders, or maybe there is a high degree of nervousness and stress accompanying the project

Next up, Maxine. 

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