A is for Golarion!

So, this was supposed to be part of the other Campaign Alphabet post, but I did the most awesome thing and X'd the tab the post was on and lost the whole thing, then posted the entries for Khardtha and Wilderlands separately, and now will present you with two(!) entries for Golarion, Paizo's in-house setting and the backdrop of my Rise of the Runelords campaign.


Aldern Foxglove

A young up-and-coming noble, Aldern Foxglove was on track to becoming an important figure in Varisian politics. Lord Foxglove had forseen the importance of Sandpoint and had made trips to visit, networking among the locals and procuring hands to help restore his familial holdings close to the small coastal town. His charisma and easy attitude, as well as his generosity helped gain him aid in restoring his home as well as helping make friends of a local adventuring band, who were also becoming somewhat important in the area.

Delving into his family's history and his ambitions to bring his goals to fruition brought many boons, like his lovely wife, Iesha, but also brought the attentions of an organization called The Brotherhood of the Seven, as well as the corrupting influence of necromantic energies coursing through Foxglove Manor - the holdings he was hoping to restore as his familial home.

Through unknown events, Aldern was changed. Warped into an undead monster who became obsessed with his former friends, especially Vic Alvaraz, and their demise at his hands to appease "the Master's" will and bring them "into the pack". During the time after his transformation, he claimed many lives and raised around him a small army of undead fiends to help carry out his twisted plans and to sow horror and death in the surrounding area.

The attacks by his brood and the murders Aldern personally committed, however, ultimately brought his friends to his doorstep after having dealt major blows to his ghoul packs roaming the farmlands around Sandpoint. There, in the bowels of the earth, beneath Foxglove Manor, the band put an end to the creature that used to be their ally and ended his reign of slaughter and terror for good.

This was not the final chapter, though, as the party has begun to follow leads to end the masterminds behind Aldern's threat, making Sandpoint safer, and perhaps exacting a little revenge in the fallen noble's name.


Though not much is known by the adventuring band about this woman, they have seen her likeness in ruins below Sandpoint, and know her to have been one of the seven Runelords to have ruled during the times of ancient Thassilon.

Since they have also seen ruined likenesses of the Runelord Karzoug, it has been posited by the local sage, Brodert Quink, that Sandpoint lay very near or directly on the boundary between the territories of Karzoug and Alaznist, and he in fact believes that the Old Light was a weapon tower, not a lighthouse, that the ancient queen may have commanded.

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