Age of Worms, Session 23

This session was fairly short mostly because we got started later than usual, and Steve was in and we chit-chatted more than played, but it was fun and set up some interesting hooks for coming sessions.

Since we were waiting on Eligos to get back to us, we pretty much just hung out near the Crooked House and did nothing while the mage took his sweet time to get to us. During the following couple of days, the men that Dairon had pledged to Cameron's cause came back and took their first pay from the knight (I have to pay them since I miscalculated my Leadership score and won't have followers until next level. Sadface.), and Able gathered his band from the local temple to St. Cuthbert. Those who had ordered items special made were able to retrieve them, as well.

This lounging about, however, was possibly not the best thing to have done, as someone attacked and nearly killed Tarquin, the owner of the Crooked House, then fled. When the group rushed down to the commotion in the taproom, a patron claimed to have seen Cameron rush upstairs after stabbing the man, which the party began to dispute, but the accuser attacked, inciting a small riot with the dozen or so patrons howling for blood at such a heinous crime, at which point we defended ourselves.

Being careful not to fully harm those gathered, the band began to subdue the patrons one by one, but were being dealt very real damage, indeed. Cameron went to confront his accuser, who tried to do him serious harm, and who Cameron tried to return the favor to, but the man slipped out the door, leaving the group to deal with riotous patrons, which were quelled before too long.

Able had managed to help some men get Tarquin into another room and heal him fully, then get his complete story of the attack. When the guards showed up a little while later, there was a bit of a debate about the treatment the tavern patrons were receiving and a dispute over who the real culprit was, but thankfully Tarquin just asked that we leave though the guards were not finished with us or the investigation.

We left off here, and like I said before, I think this sets things up nicely for something deeper. As a reminder, we need to send someone to check on Eligos, in case this is related to our visiting him.

Cast of Characters
Cameron val Dane, Human Knight 7 - Me
Dairon val Eite, Human Bard 5 - Me (cohort)
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 3/Wizard 3/Mirror Master 1 - Paul
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 7 - David
Caine Smithe, Human Marshal 5 - David (cohort)
Al'lah, Synad Divine Mind 7 -Steve

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