Gaming Worlds Collide!

Well...today it was stated officially...
Kenny, The Game Shop's owner, announced to the game group that he is hoping to sell out to Tony, the Bald Man of Bald Man Games, within the next week.
While this news kinda sucks, it won't change anything in a detrimental way. At least, not from what I can tell.
A couple of points sell me to the idea:
1, Centralized location. While the two shops weren't far from each other, it would be nice to have a consistent gaming venue.
2, Combining of customer base. Right now, it seems fractured, with some people only going to TGS and some going only to BMG, with a few of us who hop to either with our gaming habits. Having all the gamers under one roof might actually increase the chances of getting people in on games. That's always a good thing.

Good stuff, really. Thing is...I have one HUGE problem with it.
Subpar + subpar does not = great. I can't really put it any more plain than that.
Product selection is really poor in both shops and neither owner seems to be too interested in looking into new stuff or even games that others have recommended or asked for, not to mention that neither are really the most outgoing of salesmen.
Maybe it's my own dreams of opening a game shop clouding up my thoughts on it, but I really feel that management and product output just is so lackluster and if I could ever get my own go at a game shop off the ground, I think I wouldn't have any problem in pulling in a wider customer base than is present and I would definitely have more sales.
Might sound conceited, but it's no less true.
Just my two cents. *shrugs*

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Jade said...

You soooo should try and open a shop someday! Too bad they aren't hiring a manager.