Easter and its effect on the future of my gaming.

Well, yesterday was Easter, and I hope everyone got their fill of family, fun, and candy.
The main thing I got on Easter was a gameday that featured alot of odd flaking by some of the players, which led to the rest of us who had the time to game high and dry, even though we had multiple possible games crop up then fade just as soon.
I'm not going to fault anyone here, because sometimes, things just happen. However, over lunch with Paul yesterday, I hashed out a contingency plan for just this sort of instance.
I had the idea of pregenerating some characters, and then when we ran short on players, to pull them out and play a one-shot adventure with them, but each one shot would be linked into a larger campaign whose ramifications might never come about...if it's only played a few times, then the players might never piece it together.
I decided I'm going to go with this campaign model for those side games...

  • d20 Modern: Dark Matter/Urban Arcana - I Got This Job Through A Temporal Service
Just beyond the normal perceptions of mortal ken lie things that would drive most men mad. You've seen these things, or claim to have, and that has brought the notice of others upon you. Various organizations deal with such matters through different means and each are desperate for recruits. Do you think you can hold up to some of the things you'll see in the field? As shown in the title, this will be a d20 Modern campaign supplemented with Urban Arcana and Dark Matter rules to bring in various paranormal occurances/beings.
Inspired (by that, I mean almost completely ganked) by this post by Jeff Rients.

...and I'm in the process of conceptualizing the characters as I type this. I think I will make one character of each type (Fast, Strong, etc.) and when the game is played, I will hand them out randomly (likely determined by dicing) to decrease the chance of anyone playing the same character twice in a row.
This will serve to keep the game fresher without making it feel like yet another campaign that the players have to invest much in, when they won't always be playing the same character over and over.

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Jade said...

Sounds like a good plan to have a "Go to" game in the event of no shows. I like the setting of the game too..."ganked" or not. ;)