Wednesday Game at Bald Man

Is there some unwritten law that D&D should be played on Wednesdays? Every group I have ever been a part of has met on Hump Day at one point. Crazy stuff...

So on my 2nd visit to Bald Man, I got in on some D&D with my pal Paul (DMing), Tony (the owner of Bald Man), some dudes named Chris and Steve. Henry and Carl are supposed to play, too, but the former had to leave due to a nagging significant other, the latter opted out for church.

My character was minding his own business when he was magically whisked into a room with no exits. A grainy looking projection of an older man appeared and welcomed me to a school of wizardry and stated that an assembly would be held soon (a date my knowledge told me was long past) and then faded. A door then opened leading out into a ruined hall with goblin bodies and wrecked furniture strewn about.

Investigating rooms leading off the hall, I encountered a few minor traps and found a cache of magically preserved food, but nothing else of interest. I then proceeded down the hall to find hastily erected barricades with holes large enough to move through along with more dead goblins and then a T intersection with large, magically protected double doors before me.

I quickly made it past the wards of the door and peered in to find a large audience chamber that I surmised to be the assembly hall. When I was investigating this, I was spotted by a couple of people (the other characters) and through negotiations followed by more exploration then more negotiations, we reached an agreement and I was allowed to camp with them while they rested after battling goblins.

When we arose, we left the area we had holed up in and then made it out to find another barricade blocking our way down the hall where there was none before. Once we pulled it down, we were ambushed with crossbow fire from gobbos. With quick thinking and a few illusions courtesy of yours truly, we were able to trick the goblins and defeat them piecemeal, leaving one prisoner alive, who I then bribed with money and gear pilfered from goblin corpses to lead us to his tribe.

We spoke with them some and established some fruitful deals that leaned in favor of us which would take us down into the basements of the school and face to face with stronger, more warlike tribes, but also give us an opportunity to extract some greater treasures. Amidst this talk and resting, I was able to enter an area the goblins had been unsuccessful in accessing and there we found many treasures that were sure to aid the growth of our wealth.

That's where we left off, due to time constraints...it was basically us just lining our pockets and avoiding fight after fight. You see, we're all a bunch of amoral jerks, and if it benefits us, we take the deal. I kept saying "our" when speaking of being rich, but I actually ended up with the lion's share. You see, I'm the only one able to pick locks, etc., so I was able to stuff things into my pack before the others moved in to see plenty of times.

I love being a swindly bastard. Sometimes it's nice to not have to be good.

The party has this...

Ferrel Muttor (Half-Elf Sorceror 2) - Chris
Choldram Sohes (Human Cleric 2 of Nerull [He pretends Heironeous]) - Tony
Arthas (Human Fighter 2) - Steve
Orestes (Human Rogue 2) - Carl
Nastrond Esyllo (Sun Elf Beguiler 2) - Me

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Jade said...

swindly bastard YOU! :)

Yeah, I bet sometimes it is great to have the freedom to not even have to think of scruples or morals. It must be liberating in a way.