Onto something different!

So, as you know (if you read this damn thing), I ran session 1 of The Drow War on Sunday and had a fairly good time.

We played from around noon to about 4pm because Paul had to go and I wasn't going to run the game with just 3 PCs. Normally, I suppose, that wouldn't have been a problem. Immediately, though, everyone begins to complain that they "wished the game hadn't had to stop" or they "didn't see why we didn't make it further" or we "could have made it alot further if play hadn't been stopped."

Now, in a way, some of what was said (there was more than that, but you know..) seemed flattering in that they wish the game could have kept going. That's a good thing, definitely, when you have 3 people who haven't ever played under you saying things like that.

What isn't so good is that one of the players said he had taken a vacation day from work the next day because he assumed we would play late, etc. That's cool and all, but some of what else was said hinted that he strongly disagreed with the fact that I called the game due to someone leaving. I left it simply at "I'm not going to run it with just 3 people, because it's a tough adventure."

The comments stopped at that, as everyone seemed to have accepted it, but it bothers me that such a deal would be made of it that it's like I'm just being a jerk to everyone because one person left, when I'm being the nicest I can be in helping to ensure that no PCs died due to the cleric not being around.

I dunno...not a big deal, really...but something that I've been thinking about. Kinda funny.

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