A list of games I might run in the future...in no real order

Here's a list of games I have compiled that could come in after The Drow War or any time, really. I'm gonna try to direct my players over here to see if anyone is interested in anything in particular. If you don't play in my games, feel free to comment, anyway. Any and all feedback is a plus!
  • D&D 4th Edition - Khardtha (My Homebrew Setting) (1st - ?)
Lately, I've poured hours into reading everything I can about 4E. Most I like, some I don't, but as I've stated before, D&D is my true gaming love, and I have to give it a shot. Something else I've been looking over is the campaign world I have been working on since I was 17 (I'll be 27 next month). The setting is huge (I even have a 24" x 33" hand-drawn world map), but largely undefined except for a few small areas where 2nd Edition games took place among me and my high school gaming group.
Since I had already been thinking about revitalizing the setting, 4E gives me a perfect opportunity to do so without skewing anything that has come before (as most of those old games didn't delve into much that was deeper than killing things and taking their stuff. In any case, I think it would be a great fit, and it makes me want to post more about the setting so that I can brainstorm the 4E stuff and the setting itself...the latter both from a 4E perspective and what has come before.

  • Savage Worlds - The Savage West
This one has been a fairly recent idea, so I've not got much more than premise and system. I'd like it to be an open-ended campaign where any Wild West cliche is welcome. If the players wanted to be witty cardsharps or grizzled lawmen out for revenge, either would work. I want a fun game with plenty of flying lead! I'll come back to this once I think of anything more.

  • d20 Modern - Transformers
Here's a game I have thought about for a really long time. Transformers is, without any doubt, my favorite cartoon of all time, and what better way to enjoy it than combining with my favorite hobby. Staying true to the original cartoon and not so much the movie, I picture small skirmishes between the factions broken up by dramatic events and interaction with humans/keeping existence secret, etc. It might even feature a cool cross-over like G.I.Joe! (See next game for a different spin on that)
This post on Gleemax gave me the mechanical impetus to think about this more seriously.

  • D&D 3.5 - Eberron: Rise of the Emerald COBRA! (Level Varies)
This idea is actually one spawned by my friend Zack back when we were gaming together. Basically, it's G.I.Joe meets D&D in Eberron. Using Breland or Aundair as the political backing (or even a league of various nations, making it international), the characters are a part of an elite strike force that is sent out on various missions (one-shots or otherwise) to thwart the plots of those who would oppress or otherwise destroy the values of the Five Nations. The Emerald Claw makes too perfect a group to not be the ever-so-evil COBRA!
The players would likely be asked to make character trees, so that they can pick and choose which heroes they would rather take part of certain missions.

  • Star Wars - At What Price, The Empire? (1st - ?)
You know, I have no clue why I put that campaign name up, but it came to me as I was typing out "Star Wars" and I decided to keep it. The Rebellion Era would likely be the backdrop of this campaign, and that title needs to be thought upon more so that I can come up with something with meaning that the campaign would mirror.
I really haven't thought this out at all, this much is true, but I love Star Wars and I would love a game that might actually last more than a few sessions, like my previous tries of the game (Both WEG and WOTC).

  • D&D 3.5 - Forgotten Realms: Weave Asunder! (1st - 20th)
With this campaign, I'll be running the 3-part mega-adventure released in 2007 for Forgotten Realms. Other than the player's handout I'll give, there won't be any special rules and characters can be made with a lot of leeway to class and race. Monstrous PCs might be a bit much, but pretty much any humanoid flies. If the players plan to run a Drow, Orc, or any other 'monstrous' types, they'll have to take into mind that there will be prejudices against their characters...which could lead to unexpected deadly encounters.
Starting characters can have up to +3 ECL. No Evil alignments.

  • D&D Basic/Expert - Swordin' Some Orcs! (1st - 14th)
You read that right...Basic D&D. The game where Elf and Dwarf were classes. This could be a fun romp through the playground of the gamers that came before us, with a campaign that will take you through haunted forests and into the bowels of the very Earth you tread upon! Levels cap at 14th, when mere mortals have attained powers akin to the Gods!
I just typed that out of my ass, but I'm pretty sure Expert capped at 14th. I could be way off. I have the Basic rulebook, but lately I have been thinking about looking into BASIC Fantasy, which is kinda the same thing from what I understand.

  • D&D 3.5 - Homebrew: Escalations of Power (1st - ?)
A flashy "kitchen sink" type "sandbox" game. Pretty much anything is included, but you better bring your game face, because I'm not going to pull punches. Knowing when to run and when to talk will be key assets to your characters, but be sure you stock plenty of cans of WhupAss­­®. For this game, I thought it would be cool to use a different campaign model: Each 1st level character is made from the PHB (NOT THE SRD). With each level gained, each particular player can choose a book from those at hand. That player then has access to feats, skill uses, spells, etc. from that particular book. No other player does unless they choose the book. The DM has access to ALL books chosen, the DMG, MM1-5, MCFR, and FF. If/when a character dies, that player, if wishing to make a new character, will give up 2 books from their list (but never the PHB) and make his/her character with those resources left. The new character's advancement can gain new books, as usual.

  • D&D 2nd Edition - Mystara: The Land of Karameikos (1st - ?)
Another chance at a nostalgic romp through the playgrounds of older editions. A High Fantasy game with plenty of heroism and fame in grand fashion. Some of this game will be run with published adventures, but most will be on the fly kickassery. We'll be using the Kingdom of Karameikos supplement for Mystara and all Core and Character Option books as well as available race and class handbooks.

  • Vampire - New Orleans is a Dying Whore
Welcome to the Big Easy, where life goes at whatever speed you take it at. The nights in this city are electric and see literally millions of visitors each year. The perils for humans is little known, for walking among them are the Children of the Night, thirsty for the life that pulses in them. I'm undecided as yet if I wish to use The Masquerade or The Requiem (both have their strong points.) In either case, PCs will be starting out at whatever is normal for beginning Generation/Blood Potency. I've decided I want the game set pre-Katrina, to capture the energy of the city better. The name of the campaign comes from a Down song, which inspired the whole idea.

  • D&D 3.5 - Homebrew: 年長者神! (1st - ?)
Dispatched by a local Daimyo to assist with protection and transfer of an archaeological find, the PCs soon discover something is amiss and will be flung into the midst of something deeper than anyone could possibly imagine. This game will have an Oriental feel and so classes and perhaps some races will be restricted. Use of several variant mechanics will also be incorporated for flavor.

  • d20/Iron Heroes - Sword & Sorcery (1st - ?)
To me, Iron Heroes embodies the idea of front-loaded "rockstar" gaming. With the skill stunts, feat tricks and token mechanics, your character can truly achieve amazing things. The implied setting in the game reminded me much of Conan, John Carter, Kull, and even Turok....stories with amazing men and women who use simply the power of their sword arm and their wits to survive in some of the harshest of situations. Sorcery in this game is a dark, dark menace...one which threatens to consume the world. Being one of the few heroes of the world, it's up to you to decide what, if anything, you will do to shape the future of your homelands.

  • D&D 3.5 - Forgotten Realms: Expedition to Undermountain (1st - 10th)
Exactly what the tagline says, I will be running the super-adventure Expedition to Undermountain within the campaign setting it first appeared in. Dungeon-crawly goodness at its best! If you like some good hack n slash with a dash of story, then this mini-campaign will suit your tastes. No rules will be used other than the handout I give for all my games.
Starting characters can begin with up to +2 ECL.

  • Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game - Midtown Madness!
Create your own hero to rub shoulders and butt heads with the rest of the Marvel Universe. Each session will be chock full of comic book banter and throwdowns. High-action hijinks will ensue! Characters will start out on the Low power scale and advance with time.
No villains, but anti-heroes welcome. This will be a TEAM book, not a bunch of solo stories.
Also, don't look to meet and befriend all your favorite heroes, and if someone shows up from a different company, don't be surprised at that, either. Comics don't have to make sense, they just have to be enjoyable!

  • D&D 3.5 - Homebrew: Salvation Within (1st - ?)
Salvatus is a peaceful realm, surrounded with the pristine beauty of nature that cradles the untroubled villages and cities. However, there are secrets buried under the surface of this world, and only the foolish pursue them. This is a fantasy horror game that will incorporate a homebrewed variant of the Sanity rules. Humans and nonmagic-users only. They aren't all that's available, it's just a unique and story-driven system to attain them.

  • d20/Iron Heroes - Dark Sun Heroes (1st - ?)
Combining the gritty yet zany options and classes from Iron Heroes with the also-gritty D&D world of Dark Sun is a perfect fit. The characters will be forced to survive the predations of Templars, Sorceror-Kings, slavers and more all the while trying to survive in the barren wastelands of Athas under the harsh glare of a red sun. Though only humans are used in Iron Heroes, I will be modifying the usual PC races to allow a broad range of character options. The Iron Heroes rules are balanced toward D&D, so all 3.x D&D feats are acceptable, as well as many other character options. Race and class selection will be slightly different, as per Iron Heroes and Dark Sun flavor.

  • D&D 3.5 - Ravenloft: Mists of a Clouded Mind (3rd - ?)
Things are changing within the realms. With each passing day, events become weirder and weirder, as if something isn't quite right, but it's impossible to place. Will the PCs be able to uncover the secrets behind whatever is going on? Will it be too late if they do? Is there even anything going on? If the PCs are canny and can survive the horrors of the Demiplane of Dread, then perhaps they will find out. Character options will be limited to Ravenloft races/classes to uphold flavor. Playing an evil character in Ravenloft defeats the purpose of some of the flavor and mechanics, so no evil characters will be allowed.

  • d20 Modern: Dark Matter/Urban Arcana - I Got This Job Through A Temporal Service
Just beyond the normal perceptions of mortal ken lie things that would drive most men mad. You've seen these things, or claim to have, and that has brought the notice of others upon you. Various organizations deal with such matters through different means and each are desperate for recruits. Do you think you can hold up to some of the things you'll see in the field? As shown in the title, this will be a d20 Modern campaign supplemented with Urban Arcana and Dark Matter rules to bring in various paranormal occurances/beings.
Inspired (by that, I mean almost completely ganked) by this post by Jeff Rients.

  • D&D 3.5 - Homebrew: A Crisis of Faith
A tide is washing over the lands, crashing against the status quo. Will the old and the new be able to hold a balance or will the tide wash away all that the world knows? War rages. Newcomers from distant places fight on both sides aided or hindered by older powers and the nations caught up in the conflict. The PCs will be the lynchpin in this struggle. The races in this campaign will not necessarily be limited, just a little different. Unsure as of yet what options/restrictions will be put into place.

  • D&D 3.5 - Dark Sun: The Affairs of Dragons (1st-?)
I've always been fascinated with Dark Sun, and most of my players haven't even heard of the setting, so I thought I would present it as one of the D&D options available. I already have it up as an Iron Heroes option, but that requires learning new mechanics and might not be as appealing. With this one, I want to immerse the players in the politics and survival-of-the-fittest mentality that makes up a huge part of the setting, while introducing the unique flora and fauna of Athas. This game will use the 3.x D&D books supplemented with Athas.org releases and converted 2nd edition material. As Dark Sun is unique in its approach to D&D, many classes, races and character options may be disallowed or changed to better fit the flavor of the setting.

  • Scion - Titanic Ultimatum
For millenia, the titans have slept, but new events have forced the Gods to action. In this, they will need to awaken their scions, their hidden children and blessed, to curb the rising threat of the titanspawn and their world-destroying parents. With the aid of their birthrights, these heroes must put forth all they have to decide the fate of the world itself. This game will start off with the rules presented in Scion: Hero, and will continue perhaps indefinitely on into Demigod and God.

  • D&D 3.5 - Forgotten Realms 2: Legacies of the Past (13th-40ish)
This one would be a continuation of a game I was running when the old game group split up. Paul would be the only remaining member of the troupe, so I decided to set the starting level for everyone else equal to his character's level. In this one, the PCs must decipher an ancient prophecy to find "Eight Great Evils" that threaten the world and put an end to them using ancient weapons designed thousands of years ago for this purpose.

  • Warhammer 40k Roleplay/Dark Heresy - Chaos Rising
Ever since most of us at Bald Man Games got the Warhammer bug, we've been discussing playing the MMOs, and trying out different versions of the minis game, but then, after David got the Eisenhorn omnibus we began to talk about Dark Heresy as an option. Since I started reading Eisenhorn, I've been wanting to either play in or run a game in this setting. Not really sure the direction I would go with this one yet, but I love the setting now that I'm getting more into the fluff. I've even had a non-RPer say they were interested in playing if it got going, so there's even more incentive.

So yeah...that's it, pretty much. There might be some inconsistencies like me saying "your pcs," etc. I was originally intending to hand this out to my players and have them rank the games from most interesting to least.
I might still do that. I dunno.
Remember...feedback r gud!

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Jade said...

These all sound cool, but if I were to rate what interests me. My Top 3 would be:

1. New Orleans is a Dying Whore
2. The Savage West
3. At what price, the Empire?