R Also Swashbuckler....10 years ago. O.o

Your Score: The Swashbuckler

You scored 56% flamboyance, 63% honor, and 57% urbanity!

You are a swashbuckler, quick of wit and quicker of blade. A defender of the weak and a force for justice, you nevertheless enjoy the finer things in life -- a glass of wine, a gorgeous cloak, and the company of the opposite sex.

Link: The 2nd Edition AD&D Warrior Kit Test written by thealmightyajax


Jade said...

The Peasant Hero
(You scored 50% flamboyance, 60% honor, and 61% urbanity!)

"You're of humble stock, but noble in outlook. You've taken up arms to defend your people, but combat isn't what you live for. Events may have forced you into a position of kill or be killed, but you still dream of returning home to your village one day, to resume the quiet life you left behind."

Pffft! Peasant! Come on! But a hero? haha. :p A hero ain't nothing but a peasant!

YES.. I know I should be in bed! Damn your blog!

Jade said...

Oh yeah...and btw..I am not soooo sure your swashbuckler enjoys the company of the "opposite" sex. :p...I mean look at that "flame"-boyance rating.


Anonymous said...

jade.. get a clue. fencers hold their swords like that.