Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Parts 39-41

Sadly, the game is kinda in a slump due to (yet more) late start times and the overabundance of random encounters I have been rolling. It's just an 8% chance per hour, but I have rolled something like 7 or 8 of the things for just 3 days of travel.

These encounters have been mostly with the desmodus and their large trained bats, but the group has also come across guardians of the temple complex, such as an Iron Golem that burst out of a fresco to only score one hit before going down like a little bitch and an Astral Deva called by a summon trap who acted a bit too big for his britches. The past two sessions, however, the group has run into the new kids in town who are trying to run the desmodus out...creatures of Xoriat!

The first encounter with the newcomers was easy, and the 4 illithids didn't even know what hit them, really. Somewhat more of a challenge, though, was when their 2 beholder companions got tired of the wait and sent in their frost giant lackeys to see what was going on. The battle was a long one, albeit a fun one as many went toe to toe against the giants while Murmur pretty much solo'd the beholders at the first. In the end, one of the eye tyrants was able to make its way out of the fray and escape.

So, not much going on except some yappin', fighstin' and shoostin', but it's been good times. This week, our heroes shall enter the temple complex and (hopefully) unravel some of the mystery behind the lost god, Vesperian!

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