The Savage Tide a la Asshole

This past Wednesday, we got back into the swing of Paul's Sessarine/Savage Tide game (or the Asshole Campaign, as we call it.)

When last we had left off, all of the characters were in a cove filled with wrecked and burning pirate ships and another ship hard against the wall that seemed to not have suffered much damage. In the cove was a sandy beach that led to a cave entrance, which we all decided to check out. Moving in first without consulting the others, my griffon (who can't talk anyway) and Josh H.'s Raptoran Druid (who I played as a way to keep my character involved) travelled just inside to find a grisly scene complete with 3 infected pirates, one a cook who was working away at chopping up a man for them to dine on.

The druid cast Entangle, which is probably one of the most broken spells ever, and held most of the baddies at bay while my griffon (named Roc) charged at the "cook" and started rocking him. A couple of well placed spells by John C. and the help of a summoned eagle took out the goons and we continued on after inspecting the room.

Moving into another area, we found huge sheets of silk, worth quite a chunk of change, and their guardian....an infected deinonychus! That's what Jurrasic Park called a "velociraptor" for those of you who didn't know; however, I'll not get into how wrong they were here.

Anyway, the thing proceeded to mangle the party and only Steve made it out alive, but oh well. I'm working on a Fighter that will hopefully not just get chewed to hell by this campaign.

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Sohj said...

Aw, my druid died? Even with all his dire hawks? MADNESS!!!!