Inquisitorial Intrigue! Weekly Dark Heresy!

There was some gaming last week that I haven't yet posted and most of this game's update will deal with that, as not much happened this week.

When we picked up, the guys were trying to communicate with the Adeptus Arbites to get information about the bombings of their safehouses and such, and disappearance of Hesdus, but the more they pressed the Arbites, the more they started pressing foranswers, themselves, and that course of action was eventually abandoned.

Sadis went to inspect the lander they came in on, finding it unmolested on the outside, but stripped of their auxilary gear and finding runes and sigils seemingly carved into some of the furnishings and the cockpit door, which he decided to report to Mkoll, only to find himself held at gunpoint as a familiar gunship swung into view...one with the overlapping crest of the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus...and lead (and plasma) began to fly!

Sadis practically ignored the lone gunman on the landing pad and turned his melta to the gunship, managing to punch a few holes into the hull of the thing (which they knew to belong to a supposed heretic cult) and then taking the gunman down about the time that Mkoll arrived with some Adeptus Sororitas, who Sadis had the presence of mind to contact before the fighting broke out.

The dice god smiled broadly on Steve, as I couldn't hit the broadside of an Imperial Navy Dreadnought with either the lone gunman OR the freaking gunship.

Meanwhile, back at the convent of the Sisters, Jorn was undergoing surgery, but had it interrupted when a squad of men wearing maroon light power armor attacked the place in the name of the Inquisition to apprehend the acolytes of Dorian Hesdus....as this took place, a small tank squadron cornered the Sister's Rhino and demanded the turning over of Mkoll and Sadis, but not before Mkoll got a lucky shot in on a missle box on the gunship, which made the ship pull out of the line of fire.

Now, taken aboard a Mechanicus ship seconded to the Inquisition, the companions are being hauled to the sector capital, Scintilla, to stand trial before the Holy Ordos for the murders of thousands of Imperial citizens, guardsmen, and one Alonia Federac...the Inquisitor they are working for through Hesdus.

So far, Mkoll has tried to escape within the ship from his holding cell, and is about to face his punishment for doing so. We'll see what the next session brings!

We've taken a hit with Josh H moving and David H not showing lately, and with two players the game seems to be stalled. I hate the idea of shelfing it, since I did for a while recently, so I guess we'll just have to see if we can get more interest in it.

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Sohj said...

Well, if we set up some sort of teleconferencing, I'll start playing again.