The Red Hand of Doom Returns!

This time helmed by Steve, this will technically be my 3rd foray into the adventure, but (if it continues) my 2nd full run through.

So far, the player round up is me, David B., Paul, and John C.. Tony was going to play but couldn't find his character, so he rocked some Might & Magic (if I remember correctly) on the comp while we played.

Starting as 6th level characters netted us quite a bit of starting gold, so David and I went to spending a healthy chunk of coin on hiring 15 soldiers a piece, then hiring on staff to support the fighting force...cooks, teamsters, laborers, etc.. It was hard to judge Steve's reaction to those expenditures, but he seemed pretty ok with it. I was glad of that, because I've always thought hirelings were a neat part of the game.

So, having been contacted for the purpose of cleansing a goblin menace from the area surrounding Brindoll, we set off with our small army to do the deed of the local Lord, but were set upon by a fairly large group of hobgoblins and their leaders...one which my character saw nothing of and a wily mage of some sort who gave us no shortage of troubles.

After the long and brutal fight, in which Steve decided he would roll a 20 for every bad guy every turn, and in which we faced hell hounds and fierce hobgoblin warriors, we limped together, having not lost a single man to the fighting, but having 11 down from wounds and some of the actual adventuring band hurting.

David and I need to look into hiring out the services of a healer or two for our troops. That's one thing we forgot...

Edit: I had misremembered the action and fixed the post, accordingly. Thanks David!


Anonymous said...

I thought Paul got both the leaders with his staff of fire?

Buddy Richards said...

Did he? I thought the other one got away. I know! I'll ask Steve...and I stand corrected!