Thursday Night Gaming: Forgotten Realms 4E

Being perfectly honest, I had a hard time following the night's campaign and I was a little confused by John C.'s (the DM) decision to pick my own point of entry to the campaign.

From what I gather, there have been werewolves and eladrin that have foiled the party previously as they travelled to this specific location, and along the way they liberated an evil pair of artifacts (using the term loosely) consisting of a book and a quill. Not sure what it does, or who created it or anything, because I had just gotten bits and pieces of the game from David before I joined.

Anyway, a jumbled mess of problem-solving and roleplay took place, leading to nothing and taking an inordinate amount of time to accomplish just for John to announce that, for the existing party (that is, everyone but me), this was a dream sequence.

My stormsoul genasi staged an elaborate entrance to make himself look like a total badass, but nobody saw it, anyway, but some did, because the door wasn't shut in the dream yet it was shut, but the crack of thunder roused most of the party and then the others were awoken by their comrades.

I was confused as to the details, and I think John was a bit sloppy in the execution. Seemed to leave quite a bit of the group disenchanted, but I dunno.

Next time, pending my interaction with the rest, we'll all be together as a party, hopefully, and can continue on to find more of the secret behind the plots of not only the adversaries, but the evil artifacts, as well.

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