Curse of the Crimson Throne, Session 1

Mr. Terrel's Game(Gaming?) Lounge, the former BGC, now plays host to our weekly games, and last night was the first session of Taylor's Pathfinder game, in which we're playing through the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path.

In it, I play "The Magpie," a killer-for-hire that has just recently started to make a name for myself. I'm known not only for the bird-like doctor's mask I wear, but also because of my calling card...the removal of a body part from my victims.

My character's identity created a somewhat funny incident when the group first met, when Richie's Barbarian, Jasper, asked if he and Josh's Ranger, whom I can't remember the name of currently, were invited there for me to kill them.

In fact, we had all been invited to a location to discuss getting revenge on a person that had plagued each of our lives. Here, a gypsy type woman explained to us we had the chance to deal with this Gaeren person, thus exacting our vengeance, while at the same time helping her avenge her son's death.

Though she offered no material incentive to perform this act, she did guarantee that anything we could scrape from Gaeren's illicit gains would be ours, then she gave us the location of a warehouse he controls and did a Harrow (tarot) reading on us and sent us on our way.

There, we bungled a break-in and found a minor bit of combat, in which I was knocked out in the second stage of, but which my Ranger and Barbarian companions finished up efficiently.

There, we left off, but hopefully my partners in crime won't just leave me for the guard to find the next day.

At the beginning of the adventure, each character is given a Harrow card and directions to the place where you meet the gypsy on the back. While I find this to be a nice little hook, it felt somewhat flat because it relies heavily on the agreement of the players to further the game. With a more immature group, I could see things being derailed right from the start due to the shakiness of the hook and how they tie in with the first couple of scenes.

Those points, above, are really the only ones I have so far against the adventure. Everything else that "went wrong," as it were, was mostly due to some inexperience in the other two players, and my misjudgement of how well they would prepare for the adventure. I should have taken up some slack, but I assumed that my pals would. A mistake I hope to remedy, should I live long enough to acquire more gold.

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