Funky Charts IV: Second Draft Of Cleric Abilities

The first three charts I posted were two of the hand-written originals and a typed revision of the Rangers & Warriors chart I originally posted here.The other two, the original Clerics & Paladins chart, and the revised Warrior charts can be found here and here, respectively.

As I've stated before, I believe that we used all the charts together, which could really have made those "roll on all charts" results insanely powerful (as if they wouldn't be already,) or funnily redundant.

Special Abilities Chart For Clerics Of All Types, Bards, Singers, Witch Hunters, Paladins And All Of A More Religious Than Magical Nature
01-02:  Mountain man, +2 to Str:, or Dex:. Climb as a 1st level thief.
03-04:  Good horseman (buy them for 20% less), ride 20% farther per day, camels hate you.
05-06:  Sickly + anemic, -2 off character stats., can't be "hasted".
07-08:  Natural linguist (+5 extra languages to speak, read others).
09-10:  Cure competent, +2 vs. all undead lifr drains+paralyzation.
11-12:  +2 Wisdom. +1 Strength, but -3 vs. all dragon "breaths."
13-14:  +3 save vs. all cursed scrolls, but -3 save vs. all elementals.
15-19:  Golem competent, +4 Con:, -3 vs. all non-clerical magic.
20:  Bump of direction (50% accurate), but clutzy, -5 Dex:.
21-25:  +3 with all non-edged weapons, but -3 defending against those types.
26-30:  Good with animals (25% chance of becoming "friends"), -2 vs. cold.
31-32:  50% better eyesight (night vision also), but 50% worse hearing. (see as elf, can't hear through doors.)
33-34:  Flesh tastes bad to monsters (65% chance of being "spit out").
35-36:  Chronic insomnia, -5 Chr:, but +5 save to sleep spells, etc..
37-38:  Dragon friend, can speak naturally 1 language.
39-40:  Clerical magic incompetent (-2 off all heals, spells, etc.) +1 with mail.
41-45:  Healing competent (+2 to all point totals per die healed).
46-50:  +2 vs. all "stoning." -2 vs. all poisons and venoms.
51-55:  Natural locksmith (ability for a thief of picking locks, etc.).
56-60:  Desert born, +3 to Con: and ability to find water (50%).61-66:  Natural ability to sense evil (95% accurate) and possession (75%).
67-68:  Ability to smell poison (90% accurate), but -3 vs. "stoning."
69-70:  Dodge well, +2 to Dex:, with +1 vs. missles also.
71-75:  -3 vs. all undead life draining and paralysis, but +2 vs. fire.
76-80:  Natural ability to memorize one spell per level more than normal.
81-82:  +3 with quarterstaff and cudgel, but -2 with all other weapons.
83-84:  Dispel and negation spell competent, -1 vs. all missle attacks.
85-86:  +2 save vs. all fear and confusion, but -2 off Int:.
87-88:  Hates all animals (and they can sense it so will attack 65% of the time)..
89-90:  +2 save vs. all clerical spells, -2 vs. all dragon spells.
91-92:  Keen sense of smell (65% chance of identifying any spoor).
93-95:  Extremely pious, +4 to Wis: and +4 vs. all undead attacks. Must give 35% of wealth to church.
96:  Clerical spell competent (all spells, and elf friend (see mage list #98)).
97:  Clerical paladin status, start at second level (you get all they get).
98:  You have just been defrocked for murder, so you are now an anti-cleric, evil.
99:  You are blessed by your god (+2 save vs. everything).
100:  +3 to your Int:, Wis: and Chr:, for you have become a singing evangelist, with all of the abilities of a singer (or bard), and you will disdain the use of all armor and weapons, except staves, quarterstaves and the like, nor will you ever aspire to riches, giving away all over 500 G.S. in amount.

Some of the usual typing and grammatical errors have eased up from the last chart I did, but there are some odd pieces in there, still.

I am really confused as to the disparity of like-named abilities looking at other charts. One would think it would make more sense for the "Mountain man" ability to give the same benefits, no matter if you are a Cleric or a Barbarian, but I'm keen on diversity so it doesn't bother me. There's a big difference between someone who grew up in the Smokies and someone who lives in the Rockies, after all.

Something unique about all of these charts are that there seems to be an unspoken familiarity of terms. (i.e., X-friend.) It seems that what was meant to be conveyed by being a friend of a race, using the example, is assumed, and it likely was something that we all knew...though it's something I either never knew or have forgotten.

Also of note is that Singer and Witch Hunter are kits, and not base classes. I can't say I recall anything, specifically, about Paul's games that made these classes significant, but then...I was new to the game and had "kewl" characters.

As an afterthought, I have no idea what the "S" in "G.S." (#100) means, though I assume it was the standard gold coin in our campaign.

Next: Willie, Waylon, and Kris!

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