Funky Charts V: Those Of A "Secret" Nature

The first four charts I posted were two of the hand-written originals, (posted here and here,) and two typed revisions of the Rangers & Warriors chart and Cleric & Paladin charts, subsequently posted here and here, respectively.

Now, there might be a slight bit of confusion here, as I have been referring to another chart as the proper one for Rangers, but that's simply because I feel that the chart that mentions Barbarians in the header seems to more closely match the original Rangers & Warriors chart than this one, but perhaps not so much as far as abilities are concerned.

Special Abilities Chart For Thieves, Monks, Ninja, Highwaymen, Corsairs, Assassins, Traders, Slavers, Rangers, And All Of Those With A More Or Less "Secret" Nature
Natural locksmith, work at 2 levels above normal for these abilities.
02-03:  +1 with daggers, knives, etc., -1 with all non-edged weapons.

04-05:  +2 Dexterity, but -3 vs. all attacks by oozes/slimes, etc.

06-07:  +1 with all sabers/scimitars, cutlasses and the like, -1 with spears, etc..
08-09:  Good liar (+5 Chr: when so doing), -3 vs. cold..
10:  +1 with rapiers/foils, etc., -2 with all other weapons.
11-12:  Flesh tastes bad to monsters (50% chance of being "spit out").

13-14:  Woodsman, +1 to Dex:, +3 with all missile weapons, hide (20% in trees).

15-16:  Circus trained, +3 Dex:, add 15% to climbing ability.

17-18:  Arrogant, -4 Chr:, but +1 save vs. magical spells.

19-20:  +1 with throwing knives and garrote, -2 vs. poison and venoms.

21-25:  Conceited, -2 Chr:, but +2 vs. clerical magic.

26-30:  5% ability to hide in shadows and darkness over and above normal.

31-32:  50% better vision (and night sight), and +2 hearing, but -1 Dex:, Elf blood.

33-34:  Dragon friend (can naturally speak both high and low dragonish), 1 lang..

35-36:  +1 to all (except Wis: and Int:) stats, but also +2 vs. all missiles.

37-38:  Roll twice on this table, ignoring this number and -1 vs. fire.

39-40:  -1 from all (except Dex:) stats, but also +2 vs. all missiles.

41-45:  Quick learner, add 20% to all points earned after each expedition.

46-50:  +1 with longswords and spears, but -1 with all missile weapons.

51-55:  Heal at +1 point per die healed, but -3 vs. all cold or fire
56-60:  Poor liar (-4 Chr: when so doing), but +3 with a sling.

61-65:  +2 with shortswords, +1 with all knives, etc., but -1 with all axes.
66-70:  Bump of direction (60% accurate), and weather predictor (50%).
71-75:  Master herbalist (always detect poison and make it 1 die per level).

76-80:  Can naturally "sense" the value of all goods/treasure, etc. (50% accurate).

81-82:  +2 Con: +2 save vs. poison, 60% identify.

83-84:  +1 to Chr: generally, +4 vs. opposite sex, sexually aggressive.

85-86:  +2 at detecting traps and secret doors but -3 vs. all missiles.

87-88:  Natural ability to use magic at 2 levels below own level.

89-90:  Roll twice on any table(s) desired, ignoring this number.

91:  You're a natural in your role, start at the second level, advance 20% faster.

92:  +1 with all swords, -1 with all other weapons, and -2 vs. fear.  (not

93:  Religious fanatic (like the thugee) and will work only for your faith./thieves

94:  Natural linguist (add 10 spoken langs., can read all others).

95:  +1 vs. all cursed scrolls or other items, -2 vs. poisons.

96:  Extremely greedy (75% chance you will try to steal all items of value).

97:  Can naturally sense all illusions and magic 50% of the time.
98:  Have a musical nature, progress as a Singer/Bard 3 levels below normal.
99:  Illiterate (can only speak your alignment and type languages).
100:  Sired by a vampire father and a normal female, you have the ability to withstand all undead life drains and paralysis, and in fact they will normally take you for one of them and leave you alone, however your Chr: is subsequently never above 9, and you have and aversion to all clerical types and to fire retreating 50% of the time. You are a loner and shun all but one or two close friends, and go out only at night, but your night vision makes that easy. Poison and venoms only do 1/2 damage to you and you naturally regenerate 1 point per hour (with all the restrictions of trolls).

For the most part, things were starting to look even better, typographically, until the underline monster showed up.

 The astute will likely quickly pick up on the fact that the numbering goes awry at 02. There are two entries with this number, and I wonder what would happen if either of these had been rolled. In the spirit of fairness, I feel like Paul would likely have let someone choose which they wanted, or maybe have went to another percentile roll 50/50.

Something else that I can't puzzle out are the tails of 92 & 93. These could be a continuation of 91, which might make sense, I suppose, but seems odd, given the power behind such an ability. Any other reason for them being there, I certainly can't puzzle out, as 92's makes no sense at all, and 93's seems to imply that you can work for thieves, but that seems oddly open-ended for such a declaration of character.

Again, reference has been made to the use of kits, but as I said earlier, I can't recall significance behind them. Maybe we had just become enamored with kits at the time of the revision.

33-34 is also of note for mentioning "high and low dragonish," as that also implies something about the campaign, but I don't remember any adventures focusing on dragons.

I'm certain there are more charts, and I plan to post them if and when I find them, but I certainly hope you've enjoyed the charts, even if you only give them a once-over for entertainment value. 

By the way, for those of you who didn't get the joke at the end of the last post, it's a reference to the supergroup, "The Highwaymen," that featured Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and Johnny Cash as members.

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