Funky Charts II: More Special Abilities For D&D Characters

This is the second in a group of five charts that the first game group I ever joined used. It's unclear to me why I have them now, as I never have used them (as far as I remember,) and my luck with them when I played was atrocious.

Though it may seem that my grammar and formatting is atrocious, I'm reproducing the charts as originally written, to preserve the spirit of their use in those past games.


Rangers & Warriors Special Ability Chart
01  -1 with longswords, -2 vs. cold and disease
02-03  +1 with shortswords, -1 vs. all magical attacks
04-05  +1 with all axes, -3 vs. dragon's breath
06-07  +1 with spears and polearms, -2 vs. all missle attacks
08-09  +2 with scimitars, -1 vs. stoning and paralysis
10  +1 with maces and flails, +2 Con, -3 vs. sleep and charm spells
11-12  +1 with morning stars, whips, bolas, and slings but -1 with all swords
13-14  +2 Con, +2 vs. poison + disease
15-16  +1 with all crossbows, javelins, and darts, but -2 vs. cold
17-18  +1 with smallthrowing weapons, -1 with all other weapons
19-20  Mountain Man, +3 to Con or Str, 20% hide in trees, Climb walls 45%
21-25  Woodsman, +2 with bows, 20% hide in trees, +2 Dex
26-30  Bad liar, -5 Cha when lying, but +4 Cha with opposite sex
31-32  Natural locksmith, +35% open locks, -2 vs. poison
33-34  +2 resistance to all undead attacks, but -2 vs. all missile attacks
35-36  Ex-seafarer, can't drown even in full armor
37-38  Flesh tastes bad, 75% they spit out or not bite again
39-40  +50% vision + hearing, night vision
41-45  Good horse man, camels hate you
46-50  +2 vs. mage spells, -2 vs. breath weapons
51-55  Roll once on each chart, 20% chance mutant
56-60  Stupidly brave, greater demons don't scare you, -5 Wis, +5 save vs. fear
61-65  Dragon friend, +2 save vs. all dragon attacks (same alignment 50% will talk)
66-70  Elf friend, they'll never attack first, speak a Elvish dialect
71-75  +1 with weapon of your choice (I actually remember this being the best thing I ever rolled)
76-80  Can't figure out anything mechanical, -2 Int, +1 with hammers (F/R traps -40%)
81-82  Desire to form a secret society, +5 Cha
83-84  Easily fall in love, opposite sex gets +8 Cha vs. you
85-86  Taught by a true weapons master. +10 weapon proficiencies
87-88  Bump of direction (60%) and weather predictor (60%)
89-90  Born to kill, -2 Cha, 25% to berserk
91  Efreet father, you are 50% fireproof, +4 to magical fire saves
92  Hate dragons, 90% attack on sight, +2 to attack
93  You are a secret werecreature (DM's choice)
94  You are a Cambion (MM2, pg 37); d6 1-4 Major, 5 Baron, 6 Marquis
95  Natural "True Sight" ability
96  Total non-believer in magic +5 to all saves (I remember having this ability on another character)
97  Natural AC of 4 due to hard skin, -4 Cha
98  Bronze Dragon Father, immune to electricity, can speak with animals and breathe water
99  Good learner, +30% to experience points, +2 Int, +10 proficiencies
100  Roll twice on all charts

Some of the ones here on the Ranger & Warriors chart are nerfed compared to the Clerics & Paladins chart abilities of the same name, but others are vastly overpowered, comparatively.

Like I noted, I remember having rolled both 71-75 and 96 on different characters, but I can't recall what characters. I think the one with 96 was a Dwarf...

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