Funky Charts III: Second Draft of Warrior Abilities

The first two charts I posted were two of the hand-written originals. The next three I have are typed (with a typewriter!) refinements, though if I remember correctly, we used all of them in the games, not just one or the other. Sixteen years makes for some muddied memories, but I'm almost certain about this.

These are the revised tables of the second chart I posted, here. You can also see the original Clerics & Paladins chart here.

Special Abilities Chart For All Warrior Types and Barbarians Or Those Of A Similar Nature
01-02:  -1 with longswords, -2 vs. cold and disease.
03-04:  +1 with shortswords, -1 vs. all magical attacks (even clerical).
05-06:  +1 with all axes, -3 vs. all dragon "breath".
07-08:  +1 with spears and all pole arms, -2 vs. all missle attacks.
09-10:  +1 with scimitars, etc., -3 vs. "stoning" and paralysis.
11-12:  +1 with maces and flails, +2 Con; but -3 vs. sleep and charm spells.
13-14:  +1 with morningstars, whips, bolas and slings, -2 with all swords.
15-16:  +2 Constitution, +2 poison, +2 disease.
17-18:  +1 with all crossbows, javelins, and throwing darts, but -1 vs. cold.
19-20:  +1 with all knives, etc., but -1 with all other weapons.
21-25:  Mountain Man, +3 to Strength or Constitution, climb like a thief.
26-30:  Woodsman, +1 with all bows, 20% hide in trees, etc., +2 Agility and Dexterity.
31-32:  Bad Liar (-5 Chr: when doing so) but +4 Charisma to opposite sex.
33-34:  Natural Locksmith, pick lock like a 1st level thief, but -2 vs. poison.
35-36:  +2 resistant to all undead attacks, but -2 to all missile attacks.
37-38:  Ex-seafarer, who cannot be drowned even in full armor(you take it off).
39-40:  Flesh tastes bad to monsters(75% chance they'll "spit you out").
41-42:  50% better vision and hearing and ability to see in the dark as an elf.
43-44:  Desert born, +3 Con; and can find water 55% of the time.
45-49:  Good horseman, can buy them for 20% less but camels hate you.
50:  +2 vs all magical spells only, but -3 vs. all breath weapons.
51-55:  Religious fanatic, -4 Chr: and an inability to work with "pagans".
56-60:  +1 with trident and -1 with all other weapons
61-65:  A coward, -3 save vs. fear Roll on all charts. (the latter ability is penciled in)
66-70:  Stupidly brave, even greater demons don't scare you, -5 Wis, +5 save vs. fear.
71-72:  Dragon friend, +2 save vs. all dragon attacks (50% chance of talking).
73-74:  Elf friend (they'll never attack you first), you speak their language.
75-76:  50% get lost, +1 saves.
77-78:  +1 with any one weapon type.
79-80:  -6 chance of figuring out anything mechanical, -2 Int:, +1 with hammers.
81-82:  Your one desire is to form a secret society, +5 Charisma.
83-84:  Easily falls in love, opposite sex gets +8 Chr: vs. you.
85-86:  Taught by a true weaponsmaster, get +1 with weapons (DM choice).
87-88:  Bump of direction60% accurate, and weather predictor (60% chance).
89-90:  Born to kill, you truly savor it, -2 Chr:, 25% go berserk.
91-92:  Born of normal mother and efreet father, you are 50% fireproof (+4 save magical fire).
93-94:  Hates dragons (90% attack on sight), so are +2 when attacking them.
**95:  You are a secret were-creature, roll to see what kind.
**96:  You were sired by an unknown demon, +2 to stats and saves.
97:  You have the natural ability of "true sight."
98:  You are a natural warrior, +1 to all of your physical attacks.
99:  You hate mages, add +1 to all magical saves, you kill mages.
100:  You're a young giant (roll to see what kind), are 7'10" tall, weigh 498 lbs., have max. normal Str: are 3+2 dice and will go up a level (you are 1st level even though you are 3+2 dice), every 25,000 pnts. earned as a warrior (that means going up 1 hit die also), until you reach the max. size. After that you add one hit point/25,000. And as you grow in levels you grow in size until properly built. -3 Chr:

** this indicates that there is a 98% chance you will be chaotic, and 50% chance of being evil; but also very secret.

Again, I won't be held accountable for the grammatical errors within. I'm merely copying directly. Some of the underlining and use of parentheses confuses me, and the colons after every stat abbreviation have me scratching my head, as well.

As for the actual content of the charts, most of it is a direct port of the earlier Rangers & Warriors chart, some having minor tweaks (like 45-49: Good horseman), and some new abilities altogether.

100 could be really fun, but how do you determine the rate of growth or when a giant is fully grown? I assume that would be left up to the DM, depending on how high of level they might expect their characters to go.

Next: Clerics, Bards, and Witch Hunters, oh my!

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