The List, 1-10

In the past couple of weeks, I've mentioned my "List" a lot. This list is a collection of short pitches for each game I would be willing to run for my players. Long-time readers of my blog might find some of the selections familiar. This is because there are a few games I have run in the past that have died without me feeling like I've done and said all I want with them, so they remain on the list.

Some of these pitches are very vague, some almost dull in approach, but in some cases, I have to pitch the system as well as the idea of the campaign, and I don't want to bog down what should be a paragraph description, at most. Also, I have a separate document that's three times as long as the player version with GM's notes, and I can usually answer any questions my players have about campaigns from that, if I've developed the idea further. I'm taking this opportunity to share the list on the blog not only for easy access for my players, but who knows, maybe one of my readers out there will take inspiration from one of the games. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to post them, and I will answer!

If you'll remember, The Defenders vol. 2 was number 28 on the list. I will be retaining its spot there, for the sake of posting this, but as it stands, it's not a campaign I feel I would want to revive after running it the once.

And so, without further pretense...

The List: You Decide Which Game Will Come Next

1. D&D 4th Edition – Khardtha: In the Founding Ages (My Homebrew Setting) (1st - ?)  I've poured hours into reading everything I can about 4E, and ran a semi-successful campaign using the system. Some I like, most I don't, but I could give it a true shot, instead of having written it off for good. Something else I've been looking over is the campaign world I have been working on since I was 17. The setting is huge (I even have a 24" x 33" hand-drawn world map), but largely undefined except for a few small areas where 2nd Edition games took place among me and my high school gaming group. This would be a fun try at exploring the dynamics of a somewhat free-form 4E game that scales with the 10-level milestones while shaping the history of my own campaign setting.

2. Savage Worlds - The Savage West  I'd like this game to be a high-action campaign where any Wild West cliché is welcome. If the players wanted to be witty cardsharps or grizzled lawmen out for revenge, either would work. I want a fun game with plenty of flying lead! Think Maverick meets Treasure of the Sierra Madre meets Tombstone. Savage Worlds is a generic system with explodey dice that uses a unique, simple system for character creation and rolling.

3. d20 Modern – Transformers  Here's a game I have thought about for a really long time. Transformers is, without any doubt, my favorite cartoon of all time, and what better way to enjoy it than combining with my favorite hobby. Staying true to the original cartoon and not so much the movie, I picture a story running somewhat parallel with Generation 1, with small skirmishes between the factions broken up by dramatic events, such as energon disputes, and interaction with humans/keeping existence secret, etc. It might even feature a cool cross-over like G.I. Joe!

4. Pathfinder (3.x Compatible) - Eberron: Rise of the Emerald COBRA! (Level Varies)  This idea is actually one spawned by my friend Zack back when we were gaming together. Basically, it's G.I. Joe meets D&D in Eberron. Using Breland or Aundair as the political backing (or even a league of various nations, making it international), the characters are a part of an elite strike force that is sent out on various missions (one-shots or otherwise) to thwart the plots of those who would oppress or otherwise destroy the values of the Five Nations. The Emerald Claw makes too perfect a group to not be the ever-so-evil COBRA!
This campaign would also create an opportunity to make character trees, so that players can pick and choose which heroes they would rather take part of certain missions, instead of being restricted to one character throughout.

5. Star Wars d20/Edge of the Empire - At What Price, The Empire? (1st - ?)  The Galactic Empire has exercised its will across the stars, bringing strict law to those who succumb and death to those who resist. Stirrings through the space lanes have begun to speak of small pockets of rebels acting against the tyranny of the Emperor. Where will you stand when tensions break?
This game would put your characters firmly in the beginnings of the Rebellion Era, and give them the opportunity to make a huge impact in how the galaxy fares.
I’m not sure which game system I would use for this, but I love Star Wars and would like a game that might actually last more than a few sessions, like my previous tries of the game (Both WEG and WOTC).

6. Pathfinder (3.x Compatible) - Forgotten Realms: Weave Asunder! (1st - 20th)  With this campaign, I'll be running the 3-part mega-adventure released in 2007 for the Forgotten Realms. There won't be any special rules for this campaign and characters can be made with a lot of leeway to class and race. Monstrous PCs might be a bit much, but pretty much any humanoid flies. If the players plan to run a Drow, Orc, or any other 'monstrous' types, they'll have to take into mind that there will be prejudices against their characters, which could lead to unexpected encounters.

7. D&D Basic/Expert (Labyrinth Lord) - Swordin' Some Orcs! (1st - 14th)  You read that right...Basic D&D. The game where Elf and Dwarf were classes. This could be a fun romp through the playground of the gamers that came before us, with a campaign that will take you through haunted forests and into the bowels of the very Earth you tread upon! Levels cap at 14th, when mere mortals have attained powers akin to the Gods!

8. D&D 3.5 - Homebrew: Escalations of Power (1st - ?)  A flashy "kitchen sink" type "sandbox" game. Pretty much anything is included, but you better bring your game face, because I'm not going to pull punches. Knowing when to run and when to talk will be key assets to your characters, but be sure you stock plenty of cans of Whup Ass­­®. For this game, I thought it would be cool to use a different campaign model: Each 1st level character is made from the PHB (NOT THE SRD). With each level gained, each particular player can choose a book from those at hand. That player then has access to feats, skill uses, spells, etc. from that particular book. No other player does unless they choose the book. The DM has access to ALL books chosen, the DMG, MM1-5, MCFR, and FF. If/when a character dies, that player, if wishing to make a new character, will give up a single book from their list (but never the PHB) and make his/her character with those resources left. The new character's advancement can gain new books, as usual. This campaign isn’t listed for Pathfinder, as it would benefit more from being run in 3.x D&D, since there are more options for books to be chosen. 

9. D&D 2nd Edition - Mystara: The Land of Karameikos (1st - ?)  Another chance at a nostalgic romp through the playgrounds of older editions. A High Fantasy game with plenty of heroism and fame in grand fashion. Some of this game will be run with published adventures, but most will be on the fly kickassery, wherein you’ll face the intrigues of the unstable Karameikan court while fending off the machinations of evil wizards and bandit kings. We'll be using the Kingdom of Karameikos supplement for Mystara and all Core and Character Option books as well as available race and class handbooks.

10. Vampire: The Requiem/Masquerade - New Orleans is a Dying Whore  Welcome to the Big Easy, where life goes at whatever pace you take it at. The nights in this city are electric and see literally millions of visitors each year. The perils for humans are little known, for walking among them are the Children of the Night, thirsty for the life that pulses in them. PCs will be starting out at whatever is normal for beginning Generation/Blood Potency, and I've decided I want the game set pre-Katrina, to capture the energy of the city better. The name of the campaign comes from a Down song, which inspired the whole idea.

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