The List, 31-40

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The List: You Decide Which Game Will Come Next
31. Changeling: The Lost – The Grass is Not Always Greener There lies a land, not far from our own, just through that door or that, where the fae make their homes. You escaped that realm, and wish never to return, but the Keepers value their treasures, and will one day come. Can you hold onto your unraveling mind while avoiding that fate?

32. Pathfinder (3.x Compatible) – Dark Sun: The Measure of Kings (3rd - ?) Across the barren landscape of Athas, the city-states are held to heel under the imperious might of the Sorceror-Kings. In Tyr, however, rebellion foments. Will the PCs be able to survive the tides of a water-starved world? This will be a continuation/reboot of a campaign I have begun a few times.

33. Pathfinder (3.x Compatible) – Khardtha: Feeling Out Filia  A bright time of exploration and land claims has been announced by the king! Explore the wilds of a new world and carve your own destinies! This will be a sandbox game set in my homebrew world.

34. Pathfinder (3.x Compatible) – Wilderlands: In the Shadow of Heroes The World Emperor has announced that there are riches to be won on the Eastern Marches. Bugbear Falls calls those desperate enough to make a living on the hostile borders, offering them refuge from the monsters, blight, and skirmishes seen in the region. A continuation into the romp through the Sandbox that is my version of the Wilderlands. Our heroes would pick up where they left off, or you can start with an all new PC.

35. Dark Heresy – In Ministeria Angelorum It has been months since your First pulled you together, but the assassin has not made a move yet. Something has made him hesitant, but soon, he promises, the cell must act, and then the Empire will divulge its secrets, or it will bleed until you are satisfied.
This is a continuation of my first Dark Heresy game, ran at Bald Man Games.

36. Mage: The Awakening – …Not Like Its Written in Stone Things were simpler when schoolwork or household chores were the most important thing you had to do on any given day. It’s much the same now, you suppose, but your busywork has become learning to see across planes, tracing the lines of fate, and studying the language of Atlantis, itself. You will be released from your master soon; a full-fledged Mage, thrust into the midst of terrible war with the servants of gods, beings from the Abyss, and the Fallen world, which must never and eventually should all know of the magic that surrounds them.
This campaign will explore how the paths that choose you aren’t always the ones that mold you most.

37. Mummy: The Curse – Who Dare Disturb It feels odd to have awoken. You’ve only done it a few times over the millennia, but something sacred to you and/or the Kingdom has stirred you, and you must act fast if you are to retrieve it before you rest again…if only you remembered where you were, or how you came about being here, or what you had with you when last interred. The others feel it, too. Perhaps you can figure out what it is you need to do before you faces the Judges in Duat once more.

38. Hunter: The Vigil – Like A Candle in the Wind A darkness encapsulates your world. You’ve glimpsed this truth, and you have sworn to stand vigil over humanity, no matter how thankless the job. Your city is burning, literally, and you’ve seen the graves opened in the cemeteries in town. You will not stand by.

39. Marvel Heroic Roleplay – The Civil War In this campaign, your characters will take on the key roles played during the Civil War story arc in Marvel comics, following the struggle of Captain America’s anti-registration side against Tony Stark’s government-backed organization.

40. Pathfinder – The Shackled City AP Evil schemes are afoot in Cauldron, a metropolis of merchants built into the caldera of a long-dormant volcano. To foil the agenda of evil cultists, your band of adventurers must brave haunted jungle ruins, slay mighty dragons, and bind themselves to a layer of the infinite Abyss. Will their swords and spells be enough to save the Shackled City?

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