The List, 41-50

Getting closer to the end! Here's another 10 for you.

The List: You Decide Which Game Will Come Next
41. Werewolf: The Forsaken – Where the Wild Things Are You are born equally of flesh and spirit, and yours is the destiny to rule over both worlds, as your forebears did. However, the wall between the worlds is weakening in a most unstable manner, and if there is ever to be harmony between both sides of the veil, that wall must be maintained for now. The path will not be easy as you venture deeper into both worlds than you would like in a quest for reasons.

42. Pathfinder – Rise of the eXalts Decades have passed since the first humans manifested magical powers. In the early days, those that did rallied behind their kings and queens, and served as champions for their nations, but that time has passed. Whatever unlocked the doors for the evolution of the human race also opened a veritable Pandora’s Box of wonder, and now those things, both dark and bright, encroach into human lands. The years of war have mostly come to an end, and many of those granted magic (the so-called Xalts) stay behind their lieges, but now there are many, and some take a proactive stance to rid the world of or otherwise investigate these new phenomena. Still others try to rid the world of the Xalts, themselves, blaming the Gifted Ones with this new menace.

43. Promethean: The Created – What the Hell Have I? Your life was taken and now you are born of fire, of water, of earth. Yet, you feel the hollow echo where your soul once was. You have been saved from peace, and you will ever search for that which you wish to have again: your humanity. However, there are many that share your path, and everywhere you go, destruction and blight follow. Add to that the fact that there are failures of your kind who wish to snuff what meager light you have just so they can regain a fraction of the feeling of life, which they will never have.

44. FATE/Camelot Trigger –  Once More Through the Breach! Camelot Trigger takes us to an alternate future where the world has suffered greatly under wars and valiant knights pilot their Armours against threats from all over the Solar system. Will you aid John Arthur, “King of Earth” and his allies Gwen of Venus and L4-NC3-L07 as they and the benevolent AI, MerLN, hold the Dragongates safely from vicious machines under the control of MerGN-A? Perhaps your band of knights ply the lanes as Emergents or Brigands, scraping by with what you can? Or maybe you sell your services at whim to the Lords of Titan as champions against other tyrants or roving knights? 

45. DC Adventures – Beholden to Two Towers This is a momentous occasion! You have just been granted “probate” status in the actual Justice League after serving a few years in the Teen Titans. Now, you’re moving up to the big show, with all the responsibility that entails, but sometimes, you’re the only people Robin and the others can count on when the Titan’s chips are down. Do you think you can handle the responsibilities and obligations set before you?

46. Shadowrun – I Owe My Soul to the Company Store Things were probably nice, once. Now’s not then, though. You do what you have to to make ends meet, and that means you Run. But not away, oh no! You run in the shadows for Mr. Johnson, getting whatever ‘he’ needs done, and if you do a good deed along the way, well isn’t that nice. This gig? It’s about lining pockets, not making friends. Now, what is it that Mr. Johnson needs done tonight?

47. Rogue Trader – Where Once Man Has Gone Before There are an infinite number of worlds, of this you are sure. The Emperor’s first Crusades explored and inhabited as many as possible, and now many of those worlds have been lost. What better way to reconnect with humanity’s lost brothers and children than to rediscover what once was found, and if a profit is to be made, then all the better, but Warp travel, hostile xenos, and all manner of other perils also await those who do the God-Emperor’s good work!

48. World of Darkness – The Chicago Chronicles A continuation of the WoD text game, in a format completely left up to you, as the players. This game can be picked up with the characters working independently as supernaturals, or perhaps together as a group taking a Vigil as hunters to rid the world of the unnatural things you’ve seen.
This would probably be the most player-informed campaign I ever run, if chosen, as I want your choices to guide where the game has been since the chronicle left off, and where it will start as the chronicle resumes.

49. Scion – Requiem for the Fallen Cities A great storm has drawn you out to the American west. Dreams of fire and destruction cloud your sleep. Monsters stir and the gods grow nervous. What new threat has reawakened the titans and their ilk?
Due to ancient magics and the twisting of Fate, it is up to you to halt the spread of this growing doom into your world, for only the children of the gods may be able to stop this new menace!

50. Aberrant/Marvel Heroic Roleplay/DC Adventures/Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game – The Initiative This game is based off a dream I posted about on the blog, where superheroes had appeared in the real world and were heavily policed, with sanctioned teams for each state, and all others being labeled as vigilantes. The starting affiliation of the heroes will be up to the players, but the interactions they have and choices made will affect more than just their appearance in the public eye, and on top of that, there’s still villains (or heroes) to deal with!

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