The List, 21-30

And so, I'm back to this after a fairly hectic week. Iced in at the moment, so taking some time to make a post. We're about halfway through this list of games, and I do encourage anyone who might be interested in anything they see to comment.

The List: You Decide Which Game Will Come Next
21. Pathfinder (3.x Compatible) - Forgotten Realms 2: Legacies of the Past (13th-40ish)  This one would be a continuation of a game I was running when my old game group split up. Paul would be the only remaining member of the troupe, so I decided to set the starting level for everyone else equal to his character's level. In this one, the PCs must decipher an ancient prophecy to find "Eight Great Evils" that threaten the world and put an end to them using ancient weapons designed thousands of years ago for this purpose.

 22. Dark Heresy - Chaos Rising  This romp into the 41st millenium would be a more immersive game than my old Monday foray, focusing on the great Ruinous Powers (The Gods of Chaos) and their insidious effect on the Imperium of Mankind, as well as focusing more on the pressures and personal prices paid to become a member of an Inquisitor’s retinue.

23. Pathfinder (3.x Compatible) – Forgotten Realms 3: A Southern Storm (3rd-?)   In the southern nation of Halruaa, magic rules all. It is used as the most mundane tool, making life as easy for the citizens of this secluded nation as possible. Everywhere one looks, opulence bred by magical invention is in view. However, not all things that glimmer are gold, and a deep stain has begun to rise to the surface, threatening peaceful Halruaa, and perhaps the all of the Realms. With this campaign, as with any other FR game I run, I’d like to submerse the players in the setting and flavor and get everyone interested in the unique options and mood of this high fantasy setting.

24. Aberrant – Novas Operandi  In 1998, Orbital Research Station Galatea exploded. In the wake of this disaster, thousands of people across the world manifested incredible powers akin to comic book superheroes. It’s the current day, and Novas continue to erupt at a regular rate, using their powers for good or ill to bring humanity into an enlightened age, or subjugate them under what they believe is rightful rule. Aberrant moves into the realm of government and corporate-governed supers alongside shady backroom deals and other conspiracy as characters find their place in a world that has and is changing faster than even the quickest speedster might be able to keep up.

25. Colonial Gothic – Patchwork Quilt I honestly have only an inkling of what I would do with this game, though it would be set in something reminiscent of Orson Scott Card’s “Alvin Maker” world, set in an alternate early 19th Century, where New England is still a colony of England, the United States is much smaller, and various other colonies and nations still rule the landscape. Magic is a fundamental force in this young America, and the future is held in the hands of those who would use it responsibly.

26. Deathwatch – Terra Incognita The mighty Adeptus Astartes, or Space Marines, are the elite warriors of the Imperium of Man. Seconded to the prestigious Deathwatch, your Marines will engage the forces of the warp and the Ruinous Powers, learning through their trials that service to the Emperor can exact heavy costs, and that not all is what it seems.

27. Vampire:The Requiem/Masquerade – Checks and Balances To the Kindred, there is one game among the many that stands out in the maneuvers of the Jyhad, and that is Prestation, the gifting, use, and exchange of Boons, or favors, that keep the wheels greased within their baroque society. The characters will become very familiar with this system and how to abuse use it properly to achieve their goals, or they won’t and they will face a very hard (un)life. Prestation will immediately shape their Masquerades, and perhaps become a powerful tool for them as they carry out their night to night lives in the service of their elder patrons. The game will be set in New York, after the war between the factions, with the PCs working under one of the faction leaders to bring the city to a controllable norm.

28. D&D 3.5 - The Defenders, vol. II This game will be a continuance of sorts for a former gaming buddy’s gestalt superhero campaign using the D&D 3.5 rules. The idea is, using a combination of classes, races, and equipment, you create as close as possible, a rendition of an established superhero – or villain (from any comic book source) – and take on and team up with other supers who want to shape the future of Eberron for good or ill!

29. Pathfinder - Curse of the Crimson Throne (2nd Adventure Path) The city of Korvosa is perched on the edge of anarchy—the king is dead, and rumors whisper that his young queen might be responsible! This urban campaign of decadence and dark dealings casts the heroes against plagues, barbarians, riots, and worse!

 30. Pathfinder – Second Darkness (3rd Adventure Path) A strange shadow lurks in the sky above the city of Riddleport, and the doomsayers take it as a sign of the approaching end of the world! The true menace comes not from the skies above but the benighted passages of the subterranean Darklands, leading the heroes on a sweeping quest that begins in a star-struck city, weaves through ancient elven ruins, and unmasks the terrible secret of the dark elves!

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