The Casts

Well, coming off of longish game posts, it occurred to me that the characters might be swept up in the sea of words, so I'll post the casts of characters. This post is just as much for me as for everyone reading. This is based on what I know, so I might be a little off on some details and I haven't encountered all the characters in some games.

Dark Sun
DM - Me
Hass - Mul Gladiator 4 (Henry)
Goal - Human Psion/Seer 5 (Paul)

The Lich Lord
DM - Paul
Amna - Sun Elf Wizard 4/Sorceror 1/Ultimate Magus 5 (Me)
Donias - ex-Human-now-Hill Dwarf Fighter 9 (Me)
Miles - Human Druid 10 (Henry)
Davina - Human Paladin 10 (Henry)
Kenneth - Human Ranger 5/Scout 5 (Brenton)

The Dragon Wars
DM - Paul
Hlorgr Wolfscall - Ogre Savage Bard 4/Barbarian 3 (Me)
Turok Stonesmelter - Hill Dwarf Fighter 10 (Jeremy)
Fitzhugh - Winged Human Healer 14 (Tammy)

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